May 19th, 2016: Runestar devlog 18/5/16: bugfixes and performance updates
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Game version: 0.20.16l (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 9,292 (+179)
Lines of JSON data: 3,379 (+1,375)

A relatively short update this time, mostly since I’ve not posted anything much about the project for almost two weeks, and I don’t want people to think that’s already dead. In a nutshell, life’s been pretty busy lately and I haven’t had a huge amount of time to work on the project, but what I have been doing is largely behind-the-scenes work.

So what’s changed since my last update? Plenty… that isn’t very interesting to talk about. There’s been a whole bunch of bug-fixin’ (including a few minor memory leaks and a buffer overflow that had been in the code for months or longer), more stability for the Linux build, improvements to the built-in error-handling subsystem, a whole bunch of improvements to the JSON data files bringing the city up to speed with the new time and weather system, and a small tweak that ended up improving the rendering speed by approximately 16%.

It’s not quite ready for a public demo yet, as there’s a lot of core systems that I really need to work on and fix up before I’m happy letting people poke at it, but the project is coming along very nicely and now that I have the city update out of the way — a frankly tedious endeavour which had to be done, but took far longer than I’d anticipated — I can go back to focusing on adding more fun mechanics and interesting things. Stay tuned for more updates!

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