May 25th, 2016: Runestar devlog 24/5/16: vehicles, mechs and ammunition
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Game version: 0.23.1a (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 9,809 (+481)
Lines of JSON data: 3,667 (+254)

Today I decided to completely eschew doing boring, boilerplate stuff that needs doing such as splitting item stacks or regenerating health, and instead worked on something a bit more fun: early framework code for vehicles and mechs, which also paves the way for distant-future stuff I want to eventually work on, such as airships. But enough about the future, what did I manage to get done today? Plenty!

While there’s currently no way to manage, repair, or equip vehicles and mechs outside of hard-wired debug code, I threw a couple of test vehicles into the game world to try out regardless: a tank (representing the basic vehicle type, which is slow and has terrible agility but packs powerful weapons), and a mech (representing the walker type, which has increased mobility but lower defenses). Vehicle weapons are extremely powerful compared to their hand-held equivalents, however the ammunition is expensive and heavy, and vehicles can’t reach a lot of areas, such as going indoors or climbing down ladders, limiting their use to outside, wide open spaces. I’m also going to eventually add fuel, which will be another balancing factor to vehicle use.

The other major addition today is one that I’ve been meaning to include for a long time: ammunition for ranged weapons! Ranged weapons tend to have a higher base damage than melee, along with a better chance to hit (because they can’t be parried), and the plan all along was for ammunition to act as a balance to compensate for the superior stats over melee weaponry, along with occasional weapon jams (which are currently not implemented).

Finally, I’ve implemented a much more minor feature which limits the speed at which player-entered commands are processed, stopping a player from getting an unfair advantage by being able to type extremely fast. Player input is now processed once per game tick (2 seconds), though you can still queue up a number of commands in a row if you wish. There’s also a few bug fixes and the like, but they’re not very interesting to write about, so let’s just have some screenshots instead.

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