May 26th, 2016: Runestar devlog 26/5/16: all the essentials
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Game version: 0.23.8a (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 10,210 (+401)
Lines of JSON data: 3,695 (+28)

This may not be the most interesting of devlogs today, but it’s one worth mentioning: I’ve finally cleared my to-do list of a lot of essential-yet-boring tasks, adding a bunch of boilerplate functionality to the game! This includes:

  • The drop-down status bar resize/revamp I’ve been meaning to do forever (the bar now occupies only a corner of the screen, rather than the entire top with a bunch of blank space)
  • Health regeneration! Now the player will heal damage slowly over time, though the more total health you have, the longer it’ll take to regenerate the slow way. Consumable healing items are coming soon.
  • Examine command, to see the attributes of items in the game. Not terribly exciting, but useful.
  • Splitting and re-stacking of stackable items (such as food rations or ammunition).
  • Corpses will now disappear eventually, slowly if they still have loot and more rapidly once looted (or if they were empty to begin with).
  • A flee command to run away from combat, if an exit is available. However, any foes you were fighting will remember you the next time you encounter them.
  • The skills listing (currently only combat skills) has been revamped and now looks pretty snazzy, rather than the uselessly ugly garbage it was before.
  • More in-game help files. ’nuff said.
  • A bunch of bugfixes, including some really obscure edge cases that were lurking around for a long while, and one that inadvertently made the player invincible.

I know nothing in that list is particularly thrilling, but I’m happy to have gotten a bunch of essential functionality implemented and done, so I can begin focusing on more exciting features. :3

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