June 17th, 2016: Runestar devlog 17/6/16
Posted by Gravecat at 6:55 am under Game Dev, Runestar. Comment?

Game version: 0.29.7f (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 13,235 (+507)
Lines of JSON data: 6,996 (+135)

Nothing much to report this week; I spent most of the week off code as I needed a break, and the last couple of days’ of work have been stuff that’s just not interesting to read about: code cleanups and refactors, bug-fixing, that sort of thing.

The major improvements include a new universal save-file system (from this point on, a save from any version of the game will work with any future version of the game, though weird shit might happen if you try to use it on an older game version), an archetype selection screen to determine starting gear and bonus skills, and a snazzy loading screen. Aside from that, very little to report this week. Things should be more interesting next update!

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