September 30th, 2016: Runestar devlog 30/9/16: quests, crime and poison
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Game version: 0.39.4a (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 15,131 (+1,476)
Lines of JSON data: 7,227 (+151)

Progress has been pretty good on Runestar lately, with the last week in particular being a manic frenzy of coding after a brief hiatus. Here’s the highlights:

  • Bug fixes too numerous to list individually, along with a lot of internal optimizations and stripping out obsolete code. Also numerous tweaks and improvement to the UI/UX.
  • Random loot tables have been expanded with the inclusion of coins, which convert directly into currency. In other words, NPCs can now drop money as well as items.
  • Added support for maze rooms, which don’t automatically map out on the HUD and can be tricky to navigate!
  • Expended the tunnels beneath the city, including a fairly sizeable maze area populated by carnivorous centipedes.
  • Added a screenshot key, which can export in-game screenshots as BMP, JPG or PNG format.
  • Despite being treasure, circlets, rings and amulets can now also be worn as armour. If you want to look fancy.
  • Made some major improvements to the saved game format, resulting in much smaller save files and much faster reloading.
  • New version compatibility system for save files: the game will now recognize any save file formats (including those from before this change was implemented) and give a more friendly error message screen if attempting to load an incompatible version, rather than crashing or worse.
  • Finally solved the problem of being able to sprint across the world in no time: a new movement points system allows for brief bursts of very fast movement, though prevents players from sprinting everywhere at top speed.
  • Eating far too much food can result in becoming bloated, slowing the regeneration of movement points.
  • We finally have poison and bleed effects for both the player and NPCs/enemies. Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding, and certain weapon types and monster attacks have a higher chance of causing bleeds, and/or a chance to inflict poison damage.
  • Revamped ammo types for a few of the low-level firearms to give better progression (thanks to Roho for the help on this one!)
  • Added longbows, shortbows and crossbows to the ever-growing arsenal of weapon types available to the player. Bows are single-shot weapons that must be ‘reloaded’ after each shot, but have extremely high base damage to compensate, making them ideal ambush weapons.
  • Shops will now automatically sort their inventory to make it easier for shoppers to find what they want.
  • It is now possible to eat monster body parts and use unknown medicine, though the effects are often negative.
  • Added new shops: blacksmith, gunsmith and armorer, to make it easier to find the gear you want to buy.
  • Implemented a new crime system — currently only covering assault and murder, though more crimes will be added later — which can eventually result in ordinary citizens turning on you if you let your crime rating spiral out of control.
  • Finally, the best part of all: quests! So far, these are divided into three categories: kill quests (go and kill 5 giant spiders), collect quests (bring me 10 iron ingots), and exploration quests (go to this place then report back). Of course, quests also come with a variety of rewards! There are currently only 8 quests in the game (2 of which are repeatable), but I plan on adding a hell of a lot more as the game progresses.

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