Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Lord General)
Last updated by Gravecat on October 31st, 2011.

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The following is an incomplete list of wargear available for the Lord General in Dawn of War II: Retribution’s Last Stand game mode. More details and icons will be added as soon as possible. All of the Lord General’s weaponry is classed as two-handed, however he will always be seen holding the “two-handed” weapon in his left hand, and trademark sword in his right. I’ve personally confirmed up to level 11, with the rest of the information from commenters. Big thanks to ultrasloth7 for providing the information to get the list kickstarted, also kudos to Darzinth, xXDeszarasXx, Vexille, Pyro, Beelzebot, and Tsenzei for additional info and assistance. If you have any corrections or updates, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the list when I can.


Sniper Rifle
Default weapon, can only be replaced, not removed.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 8.0 dps.

Carapace Armor
Default armor, can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 18.

Deadly Sniper Rifle
Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 12.0 dps. +1.0 Energy Regeneration. Grants Ability: High-Powered Shot (20: Fire a high-powered anti-infantry round with very long range.)

Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor
Starting equipment

Armor Rating: 125. +0.2 Energy Regeneration.

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 9.0 dps. Grants Traits: Zealous (Whenever the Lord General make a standard attack, he regains Health equal to 25% of the damage caused), Wargear Package (In addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon.)

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps. Grants Traits: Ignore Cover (Enemies targeted with the Flamer gain no advantage from being in cover), Area of Effect (The Flamer deals damage in a large radius), Wargear Package (In addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon.)

Inspiring Power Sword
Starting equipment

Two-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants Traits: Inspiring (Strikes from the Power Sword improves the damage and speed of nearby allies), Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (Charge into melee combat, knocking down target).

Honorifica Imperialis
Starting equipment

Accessory. +25 Armor Rating, +2.0 Health Regeneration.

Refractor Field
Level 2

Accessory. Grants Ability: Refractor Field (25: Employs a large energy shield around the Lord General that protects nearby allied units, reducing the ranged damage they take.)

Medallion Crimson
Level 3

Accessory. Grants Trait: Combat Expert (+30% Melee and Ranged Damage.)

Master-Crafted Carapace Armor
Level 4

Armor Rating: 79. Grants Ability: Tarantula Heavy Bolter Turret (25: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a tarantula turret armed with a heavy bolter, effective at suppressing infantry.) Grants trait: Fearless (Unit is immune to suppression.)

Level 5

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Deploy Guardsmen (35: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a squad of Guardsmen, ranged units that can often equip the same weapon as the Lord General.) Grants minion trait: Weapon Specialist (Guardsmen are able to use wargear packages their Lord General has equipped.) Can only have one active Guardsmen squad at a time.

Protective Power Sword
Level 6

Two-handed melee weapon, 10.0 dps. +50 Armor Rating. Grants Ability: Clear Out (25: Strike the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemy units.) Grants Traits: Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (Charge into melee combat, knocking down target.)

Level 7

Accessory. Grants Ability: Repair (20: Repair the target structure or vehicle.)

Artificer Carapace Armor
Level 8

Armor Rating: 72. Grants Ability: Tarantula Missile Turret (25: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a tarantula turret armed with missiles, effective at penetrating armor and can knock down smaller units). Grants Trait: Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Level 9

Accessory. Adds a Sergeant to Imperial Guard minion squads. Grants Minion Trait: Battle Hardened (Adds 100 Armor and +2 Health Regeneration.)

Level 10

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Deploy Catachan (35: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a Catachan squad, armed with shotguns and able to throw grenades.) Grants Minion Traits: Knockdown (Catachan shotgun fire has a chance to knock down smaller units), Explosives Expert (Catachans occasionally toss frag grenades.)

Level 11

Accessory. Grants Ability: Reinforce (10: Call a Valkyrie assault carrier to the target location, reinforcing allied infantry near the landing zone.)

Mordian Pattern Carapace Armor
Level 12

Armor Rating: 37. Grants ability: Executioner Heavy Turret (40: Valkyrie dropship air-drops a heavy turret equipped with the Executioner, a rapid firing plasma cannon devastating to infantry).

Grenade Launcher
Level 13

Two-handed ranged weapon, 5.5 dps. Grants ability: Blind Grenade Volley (20: fire a volley of blind grenades, stunning enemies in the target area). Grants traits: Area of Effect, Knockdown, Wargear Package.

Level 14

Accessory. Grants minion trait: Combat Expert (+30% melee and ranged damage).

Level 15

Commander Item. Grants ability: Deploy Ogryns (35). Grants minion trait: Healthy (Ogryns have increased health).

Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor
Level 16

Armor Rating: 30. Grants ability: Vanquisher Heavy Turret (40: air-drops a heavy turret with a vanquisher cannon, deals large area-of-effect, and punches through even the thickest armor).

Take Aim!
Level 17

20: Grant an ally a temporary but significant damage boost.

Plasma Gun
Level 18

Two-handed ranged weapon, 7.3 dps. Grants traits: Armor Piercing (attacks from the Plasma weapon ignore up to 100 armor), Wargear Package (in addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon).

Rocket Run
Level 19

50: Calls in a Valkyrie to perform targeted rocket pod runs to devastate the enemy. Grants trait: Rocket Run.

Storm Troopers
Level 20

Storm Troopers: Elite infantry equpped with hot shot lasguns. Grants the Tactical Withdrawl ability that allows the Lord General to retreat to a target position. Grants Ability: Deploy Storm Troopers (35). Grants Ability: Tactical Withdrawal (6: the Lord General will retreat to the target location to regroup). Grants Trait: Special Ops (-25% Energy costs).

The Black Plate
Unlocked by achievement “Unshakable” (Complete 10 waves in a single match while holding both strategic points as the Lord General)

Armor Rating: 125. Grants Trait: Black Armor (The Lord General receives 50% less damage in melee).

Duelist Honors
Unlocked by achievement “A trail of blood behind him” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Lord General)

Accessory. Grants Trait: Duelist (Increases melee damage by 40%).

Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants Trait: Area of Effect (The Shotgun deals damage in a radius). Grants Ability: Solid Slug (25: Replace the Shotgun’s regular shot with a solid slug. Deals large damage to the target and knocks back units in a small area.)

Ursidae Trophy
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Accessory. Grants Minion Traits: Inspired Will (Increases the health of all the General’s infantry by 15), Superior Provisions (Increases the health of all the General’s turrets by 150.)

96 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Lord General)”

  1. Aylin says:


    Without the guardsmen the Sniper Rifle will deal more damage for you AND it increases your energy regeneration by 1. Also the duelist honors is not nearly as good as the Medallion Crimson, so wtf are you using the duelist honors???

    As for Take Aim, if you’re using it on your minions would the Commissar be a better choice? Though quite frankly the General is squishy as hell without the Honorifica Imperialis so I’d suggest that instead. Higher damage means nothing if you have to wait for your teammates to raise you all of the time. And no, Retreat won’t always save you because the ability is buggy as hell and will cancel in the middle of running away (which causes the General to turn around to fight and ignore your orders for 2 seconds).

    And finally, stormtroopers are the WEAKEST minion creatures he has. The only reason people use them is because of the -25% energy costs. They’re little better than target practice for your enemies (which is the only reason you would bother to summon them so they get clobbered instead of you).

  2. Aylin says:

    Well, I just discovered a fairly annoying bug with the Catachans. Kills that are made with their frag grenades are not credited to you, at all. /annoyed

  3. -SoL- Justice says:

    how much damage exactly does Take Aim! give? I know it is alot i just don’t know how much

  4. -SoL- Justice says:


    I’m highly sure that the Medallion Crimson increases all damage you deal including rocket run. I have noticed on the eldar that combat expert/master improves all your skill damage so why wouldn’t it work for LG? And with “What is good about the Medallion Crimson?” It is great for the shotgun, sniper rifle, and the inspiring power sword due to extra high damage. Also I know as a fact that it increases the damage you deal with Solid Slug, and High Powered Shot.

  5. -SoL- Justice says:

    A Build I just used is this-

    Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun

    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor

    Honorifica Imperialis
    Medallion Crimson
    Take Aim!

    Storm Troopers

    The shotgun because it is most balanced weapon for Lord General due to its AoE for small enemies and Solid Slug for large enemies. The first armor for good defense and energy regen to use all your skills. Honorifica for defense as well. Hedallion and Take Aim both for damage. And finally Storm troopers for less energy costs.

  6. -SoL- Justice says:

    The plasma gun does little damage unless you use the guardsman squad. The only weapons you should use without the guardsman squad are: The power swords, the sniper rifle, and the shotgun.

  7. -SoL- Justice says:

    Yes you do need Retribution the DLC gear is only for Retribution.

  8. Frazer says:

    This is a beast as build:
    Plasma Gun: So that you can kill most small units in one shot and heavier units in a few.
    The Black Plate: So that you wont die as easily in combat in the case you get swarmed.
    Duelist Honors: So that you are no slouch even in melee.
    Rocket Run: So you can eliminate large amounts of enemies quickly.
    Take Aim: So that you can buff your minions into killing machines.
    Stormtroopers: So that you have access to some powerful minions while also having a trait that reduces the energy cost of your abilities, meaning you can spam your ‘take aim’ and ‘rocket run’, it also lets you retreat if you are ever overrun.

  9. Inmore says:

    thx for your web , its really useful 🙂

  10. jonathan says:

    do i need retribution to use the wargear dlc?

  11. Idimmu says:

    The reason most people use the Medallion Crimson, is that it allows you to one shot a lot of heavies with High Powered Shot

  12. Cassius says:


    Wouldn’t it be better to use the Honorifica Imperialis instead of the Medalion Crimson? I would prefer longer survival rather than higher dmg. Does the dmg increase make up for it (or improve the rocket run for instance?), allowing the build you posted to be more effective? In other words; what’s good about the Medalion Crimson?

  13. Aylin says:


    I prefer it with the Honorifica Imperialis instead of the Sergeant. The Stormtroopers are pretty much fodder regardless, but the medal lets you take a lot more punishment.

    It’s still very powerful, even with Tau. The other day I used it with 2 Tau teammates. One had ~200 kills, the other had ~250, and I had ~400.

  14. Tsenzei says:

    I really hope they get around to fixing that retreat bug, among other things, I think it might make melee LG a lot less frustrating to mess around with.

  15. Eagle11 says:

    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor
    Medallion Crimson
    Rocket Run

    Before Tau has been invented this was one of the best builds for it oneshot-killed most heavies,had an spammable nuke as well as contributing ranged-dps minions.
    There is an bug with retreat ability that it can break when youve been hit in melee: Even if youve managed to pass by and didnt get that blow’s dmg somehow still applies and cancels it.

  16. Hyfigh says:

    Can anyone confirm whether the Commissar bonus applies to the turrets or not?

  17. TooBAdForAName says:

    Has anyone else noticed how hard the “Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun”‘s Solid Slug hits?
    I was using it with Medallion Crimson and one shotting nobz, and Solid Slug+1 auto attack kills almost anything, until you get to super units and late wave Eldar walkers

  18. TooBAdForAName says:

    EDIT: (making a wall with our* turrets)
    not out* lol

  19. TooBAdForAName says:

    Tried this out for fun with 2 friends yesterday.
    You can literally just sit in one of the spawn points and afk until about wave 18
    3 Lord Generals, all using the same setup.
    Grenade Launcher
    Master-Crafted Carapace Armor
    Ursidae Trophy

    We all just went to the top right on TBC, spawned everything(making a wall with out turrets)
    I was able to afk and go to the store and come back without anything dying.
    Once we hit wave 18 it got a lot harder, lost on 19.
    But it’s a good easy way to just get exp on the LG

  20. Aylin says:


    The retreat bug is incredibly frustrating! Most of the time when I die, it’s when I order a retreat, he takes four steps, then just stands there like an idiot for a second before I can move him again. -_-

  21. Tsenzei says:


    Defensively I agree, but the Inspiring Power Sword is actually a fairly strong melee weapon, especially with the available upgrades and when you consider it’s own boost.

    It would probably work better of the Storm Trooper Tactical Withdrawal didn’t have a tendency to bug and cancel his “retreat” so he could escape/approach easier. As it is, lack of reliable mobility and defense makes it too much of a liability. I suppose it might work out okay with allies with Blind Grenades or other disruption, but…

  22. Aylin says:


    The Lord General just doesn’t seem like he’s cut out to be a good melee character to me. No HP bonus, low armour, low DPS melee weapons… Might be better if the Black Plate at least added +50 HP.

  23. Klaymen says:

    Thanks Revan, I did it today on Colisseum and got it after the 10th wave.

    The only thing I miss with the LG are the fearless or unshakable traits tied to either his melee weapons or some accessory instead of armour.
    You have either one of those traits and are fragile, or proper protection (Cadia pattern carapace or Black plate).
    Inspiring sword has good damage and nice buff, but doesn’t change your resilience and Protective sword has poor damage and no special attack chance in exchange for a little armour buff and one ability.

  24. Gravecat says:

    A belated thanks for that, Tsenzei. 🙂 List updated!

  25. Revan says:

    10 Waves in a row… better to do with waves 1 thru 10…

    some say its better on anvil, but it did it on coliseum.

  26. Klaymen says:

    Hello everybody, I’d like to ask about the ‘Unshakable’ achievement. Today I played with two good Tau players and save for waves 8 and 17, nothing touched the points, yet I did not get the achievement and the progress shows 9/10. Do I have to hold the points for 10 consecutive rounds, play on Anvil of Khorne (only attempted it on Bloodied Colisseum) or is it a bug?

  27. Tsenzei says:

    Not quite sure where to find/host pictures on cloud.steampowered but if you want the energy costs for 12 and up (not counting Special Ops):

    Executioner Heavy Turret: 40
    Blind Grenade Volley: 20
    Deploy Ogryns: 35
    Vanquisher Heavy Turret: 40
    Take Aim!: 20
    Rocket Run: 50
    Deploy Storm Troopers: 35
    Tactical Withdrawal: 6

  28. Gravecat says:

    And~ that one’s updated too. Thanks! 🙂

  29. Tsenzei says:

    Grenade Launcher Guardsmen don’t do much less than the Flamethrower Guardsmen as far as raw damage. They do do less, but I think (personally) the main point isn’t the damage, but the disruption from the knockback and blind grenades. You’re still going to rely on allies to kill heavy targets, but you can take out light infantry well enough, and the blind grenades help make sure you and your allies are alive long enough to take out whatever comes.

  30. krz says:

    a good build I link is:

    Flamer+ Guardsmen (till about level 14)(to deal with the heavier units the guardsmen will basicly be acting as a meat shield for your other allies)

    Then ogryns+sniper after.

    I tried Grenade+gaurdsmen and while it looked AWESOME (basicly your knocking back all the enemies every few seconds) it didn’t do much damage. Bolter+ guardsmen is alright (regenerating) but again, not enough sheer power.

    A melee orientated General (at the expense of turrets) was fun, just i find this build only works well if atleast one of your allies helps you in fighting swarms

  31. Bob says:

    Never mind. I figured it out lol

  32. Bob says:

    What units are affected by the wargear package trait? If my commander has a flamer will the catachans, ogryns, and storm troopers use flamers also? I know the normal guardsmen do.

  33. Tsenzei says:

    @Eric: It can be sure, especially the Sergeant since they are rather fragile. Ultimately, it is a matter of what you can fit into your build.

    Stormtroopers are mostly good for Tactical Withdrawal and Spec Ops, as for raw power the other squads will do more (though at higher energy cost). They do have an impact though, and as long as your build makes good use of those benefits, throwing a few benefits to them isn’t necessarily bad.

    Personally though, I prefer to just go with a more selfish build and abuse the traits and abilities, rather than rely on the Stormtroopers themselves.

  34. Eric says:

    Hey do you think Comm + Vet sergeant are worth it if I use a stormtrooper squad?

  35. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Barrogh Right. That was the first thing I was going to mention, but it slipped my mind.

  36. Barrogh says:

    @FunnehRabbitMan: AFAIK, reinforce affects all summoned squads in it’s AoE, so it could be considered if you have allies Generals. May be an option if that ally is carrying something other than sniper rifle, which means that he’ll definitely have mana problems (especially when summons must be constantly replaced, meh).

  37. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Reconn: It’s cheaper, for one. Ten energy to replace all missing models in your squad, as opposed to, what, 35 to replace the entire squad. However, it doesn’t heal up injured models, and so you’ll probably end up with half your squad still missing. It also isn’t instant, requiring somewhere between 1-2 seconds for the Valkyrie to fly in and drop the box, so timing is essential.

    Overall, if you think you’re fast enough for it, Reinforce can save you energy in the long run. If you don’t think you’re fast enough or don’t have anything to save energy for, just save yourself the accessory slot and refresh your squad with the Guardsman/Catachan/Ogryn/Stormtrooper button.

  38. AngelWizard says:

    I forgot to add, plasma rifles are not as effective due to their lower firing rate and range; the bolter apparently has about the same range as the lasgun (or longer). So basically, like a good Imperial Guardsman commander, you bear down upon your enemies via the sheer weight of fire.

  39. AngelWizard says:

    Here’s a spec which I term my “Joke Build”, but on field testing, it’s pretty effective:

    Artificer Carapace Armor
    Ursidae Trophy

    It’s strangely effective because the guardsmen fire their bolters really fast, and with the commissar, they tear through anything, even Wraithlords and Dreadnoughts!
    The only problems you will really have are jumpers like Stormboyz or machine gun teams…but that’s what your teammates are for.
    Although it’s my Joke Build, it’s actually not bad, try it for not-so-serious play

  40. Reconn says:

    Whats the difference with Reinforce ability and manually clicking on your Guardsmen to replace them??

  41. Hel O Keety says:

    Hi Reconn,
    Try this build not sure what lvl you are:
    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Cadia Pattern or The Black Plate (if you’ve unlocked it already)
    Honorifica Imperialis
    Medallion Crimson or Sergeant (if you’re at that level)
    Ursidae Trophy (if you have DLC) or Commissar (if you’re at that level)
    Guardsmen or Catachan (if you’re at that level)

    I found the sniper with plenty of energy will serve you well.
    Getting swamped? Do what a good noob does, hide in a tower.
    I was able to reach wave 20 with a 1st level LG.
    Have fun!

  42. Reconn says:

    Hey, whats a good early build for this fragile hero?

    Shotgun or flamer? I managed to last till wave 10 only with early build of shotgun and the bear armor

  43. Tsenzei says:

    As far as turrets… I mostly find myself using the missile flavored tarantula. It’s got good disruption in the early waves, and the KD immunity helps a ton.

    That said though, I think people undersell the Vanquisher. If you have a team that’s able to mostly keep enemies away from it, it’s power and more importantly, range is phenomenal, even if it can’t do anything against mobs of melee groups. It does have a tendency to destroy cover in the first parts of the game, but slower than say a Dreadnought or even Tyrant Guard.

  44. Deuzerre says:

    The vanquisher heavy turret is extremely ineffective… Never aiming at the best target, and no AOE… The best turret is the heavy bolter because of the suppressive fire, but that’s all.

  45. bob says:

    best build yet
    plasma gun
    master-crafted carapace or Armageddon pattern carapace armor
    rocket run
    honorific imperialis
    sergeant or medallion crimson

  46. Seb says:

    Full melee is quite powerful, but the lack of TP/Jump pack makes is very inefficient (and you’ll still get owned by heavy ranged).

    The best overall build is by far the first mentioned in the comments (mass rocket runs) but it requires level 19 (20 to be even more efficient).

    Another fun build if you need massive AoE while levelling: Guardsmen + sergent + flamer gives you 3 flamers for easy pack dispatch (it’s not as good with melta, and pretty bad with grenade launcher).

  47. Bob says:

    So heres the build i love
    Insipring power sword
    Duelist Honors
    The black plate
    Medallion Crimson
    Catchans or Ogryns

    Take very little dmg give out massive dmg 😀

  48. LG player says:

    So here is an effective build that got me to round 20 in Anvil of Khorne (with a couple of noobs i might add) This is made for a level 14 player. This is a pretty good macro class, you wont have to constantly spam your energy bar. (Please forgive spelling of wargear)

    Flamer (or if your team is using AoE switch to sniper to hit the big targets)
    Black Plate (considering AoK is pretty much all melee at times)

    Honorifica Imperialis (your gonna want the health regen)
    Sergeant (Minion Boost FTW)
    Commissar/Ursdae trophy (depending on play style, both work

    Catachun devils (only decent unit unlocked so far)

  49. MK Babylon says:

    Jungle Expert

    Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun
    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor

    Refractor Field
    Honorifica Imperialis
    Crimson Medal


    After creating it I found it’s a rather low-level built – effective nonetheless.
    Blow your enemies away with the new Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun and use Catachans for support to create chain knockback all the way. The Refractor Field will protect you from ranged fire, while your knockback and if necessary the Solid Rug take on the meelee units (especially funny to watch against Banshees, Assault Space Marines etc.).
    Enjoy. ^^

  50. MK Babylon says:


    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor

    Honorifica Imperialis
    Crimson Medal
    Rocket Run

    Storm Troopers

    Pretty Simple: 2.2 Energy Regeneration + Special Ops = Mass Rocket Run ftw.
    Don’t call Stormtroopers, shoot heavy enemies with your Sniper Rifle and if necessary with High-Powered Shot, use Tactical Withdrawal to always flee into areas you already cleared or if you are not sure about incoming spawns, flee behind the most durable allie you can find.
    Anvil of Khorne will look like the Inquisition had already finished. Enjoy. ^^

  51. Gravecat says:

    Thanks for the link, Arel. 🙂 I ended up just buying the pack as it was pretty cheap, so the list’s now updated with the Lord General’s new paid DLC wargear.

  52. ArelMCII says:


    This is what I woke up to today. It doesn’t have the numeric aspects, but it tells which traits each piece of gear has along with its name. It’s good for a start, I guess.

  53. Gravecat says:

    I don’t know any details about the paid DLC items yet, but I’ve updated the list with the achievement-unlocked gear. Thanks for the info, Pyro!

  54. Petroklos says:

    All this information is really helpfull, but will you add info. about the new items? (2/class patched-in free with Retribution + 2/class that will be released in a PayDLC)

  55. Pyro says:

    You are right – the melee setup for the LG does indeed suck (should have mentioned it on other post!), and will easily get squished by Banshees and vehicles. A good idea by Relic to spice things up but badly executed.

    As for your comment Barry, Storm Troopers themselves are extremely weak, even with a Commisar and/or Sergeant – they simply don’t have enough health/armour or damage. The ONLY reason for taking them is the -25% energy costs on *everything*, so calling minions *the strom troopers) costs 28 energy (from 35), a turret is 32 energy (from 40) and the Rocket Run is 40 energy (from 50). In short, you take them for the trait you get rather than the usefulness of the minions.

    The Vanquisher turret is a bit of a two-sided coin – it deals excellent damage but only to a single target (ignores most armour) and has a HUGE range, assuming the turret has the firing line to its target. This is quite handy on wave 16 too as if you setup your turret properly before hand it will “snipe” the dopplegangers. Combine that with the Deadly Sniper Rifle with its High Powered Shot and you can almost insta-kill some targets. Just remember – if you have the sniper rifle, make sure you kill your doppleganger first as it can do massive damage to your own team (and you!).

    Here’s the setup I usually take with Ogryns and can fit into most random teams:

    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Armageddon Pattern Carapace Amour (for Vanquisher Turret)
    Honorifica Imperialis (+25 armour rating and +2.0 health regen)
    Commisar (gives minions “Combat Expert” trait; +30% melee and ranged damage)
    Sergeant (gives minions “Battle Hardened” trait; +100 armour and +2 health regen)

    Extremely simple to use, drop turret wherever you want, drop Ogryns and go hide behind some good cover and snipe high priority targets (Nobs, Rocket Orks, Shuriken Catapults etc). Your Ogryns wont start dying until at least wave 9. Also, your High Powered Shot can do a lot of damage to vehicles so try and shoot them as much as you can! If they start chasing, run and kite them and shoot when you can.

    For a fun setup, use exactly same setup but replace Commisar with Rocket Run and swap Ogryns for Storm Troopers. Same style as before (but your minions are extremely weak – don’t rely on them) and use Rocket Run when needed. Best results try and bunch them up before using. You can wipe out entire spawns in one volley from it!

    Have fun with the LG 🙂

  56. Barry says:

    Pyro, I tested this one myself and it didn’t really match the other setups as well. Shuriken cannons and Devastator Marines nail the LG cos of his low armor against range attacks and lack of Fearless trait. A turret is better against melee units while a Flamer can handle swarms with brutal ease. The Executioner Turret while powerful against infantry needs time to turn and has a comparitively short range to other turrets. An Ork with a Dakka Deffgun, HT with Barbed Strangler or another LG with Tarantula Heavy Bolter turret is essential to give the Executioner an easy target. So far i haven’t got the Vanquisher turret yet though i’m expecting good things. I do have a question though. Are the Storm Troopers really worth being the level 20 item? They don’t seem so great in multiplayer to me. Better than Ogryns and Catachans or leave Storm Troopers alone and carry on doing what i’m doing?

  57. Pyro says:

    Since the new patch there are 2 new items per Hero after getting certain achievements, here are the ones for Lord General:

    “The Black Plate” (Armour)
    Armour Rating: 125
    Grants trait: “Black Armour” (The Lord General receives 50% less damage in melee)
    Requires Achievement: “Unshakable” (Complete 10 waves in a single match while holding both strategic points as the Lord General)

    “Duelist Honours” (Accessory)
    Grants trait: “Duelist” (Increases melee damage by 40%)
    Requires Achievement: “A trail of blood behind him” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Lord General)

    These two new items makes a pretty good melee spec LG when combined with his Protective Power Sword and the Honorifica Imperialis and possibly the Medallion Crimson for extra damage.

    Hope this helps!

  58. ultrasloth7 says:

    “No, you can’t have as many units as you want as the item to summon them is a commander item and they get unsummoned once you summon a new squad.”

    duh, lol, i was havin an off day, he right they are comm items, dunno what I was thinkin

  59. Subanrab says:

    Does the reinforce ability work for allies minions as well as your own? For instance, reinforcing an ally hive tyrants units, or reinforcing a doppelganger unit?

  60. Monk says:

    No, you can’t have as many units as you want as the item to summon them is a commander item and they get unsummoned once you summon a new squad.

  61. ultrasloth7 says:

    you can have as many friendly units as u want, but it wouldn’t help much because they are too fragile without the other wargear there to buff them. You’d have a lot of guys on screen, but you would be re-summoning too often and they won’t do much damage, so it would be fundamentally pointless.

  62. XxandoxX2552 says:

    hey its me ando from space marine war gear i was going to ask can you have as many friendly units you want say i had 1 guards man squad and if possible 1 orgiyes please reply

  63. Fraghead says:

    Rocket Run is evil…destroyed the whole 16th wave with one shot! 🙂
    But it might get even better with the energy reduction of the Storm Troopers.
    Normal Energy Cost: 50 with Stormtroopers -25% energycost XD

  64. Fortytwo says:

    Got the Lord G at level 18, have to agree with the build mentioned by ultrasloth7 as being the only decent one for now… and also with the fact that when you’re swarmed, you’re done…
    Sniper seems to be the only weapon that’s worth mentioning, but in later waves it indeed loses it’s power – still nice for the energy regen tho!

  65. Dude says:

    i am majoring in the captain… im glad he gets a dreadnaut

  66. Dude says:

    i am really glad that you posted this site… helped me alot

  67. Anonymous says:

    Grave, the armor is listed as 0.2, but when equipped provides a 0.3 ER.

  68. ultrasloth7 says:

    Well, If you’ve looked at the other thread you probably noticed I like to post builds, so why not now.

    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Master-Crafted Carapace Armor
    Medallion Crimson

    Pretty straight forward support build that works in almost any team. You can just pick an exit and get comfy, the suppressing serves a huge amount of use, while the turret may be fragile, the energy regen form the sniper makes up for it.Your ogryns are rock solid, so it will take to about wave 9 for one to die, and the entire time they will actively go out and attack suppressed targets and others.Then when u see big targets start picking them off with your sniper, energy should be no problem as long as you are smart about it. The only cons with this build are # 1getting swarmed (neither you or the ogryns will fair well) #2 trying to kill things in later waves with the sniper(i often found waves 17,18,and 19 to be pretty much sniper resistant) However both of those problems can be fixed with some good teamwork and communication, enjoy 😉

  69. phil sibly says:

    also is rocket run a commander item or an accessory

  70. phil sibly says:

    it may be worth mentioning you can onlyhave one turret

  71. Kortahn says:

    Its the executioner turret. Vanquisher is a single target cannon. Fires very slowly. The blue plasma shots = Executioner.

  72. Gravecat says:

    Updated again, ta. 🙂 Looks like we’re pretty much done, yep! Just one question for anyone reading this, as I haven’t levelled the Lord General that high yet (my personal favourite and focus of most of my game-time is the Ork Mekboy): Which is the huge turret that fires the big plasma blasts? I’m guessing Vanquisher, from the Armageddon armor? Saw someone use it in LS earlier, and it made me go :O

  73. ultrasloth7 says:

    yay, its finished, now i guess all we need is to edit it, but it looks completed to me.

    Here are some things i noticed

    On the lvl 9 acc sergeant the battle-hardened gives minion trait: +100 armor and +2.0 health regen

    On lvl 13 the weapon grenade launcher does 5.5 dps

    on lvl 15 the comm item ogryns: healthy(Ogryns have increased health)

    on the lvl 16 armor Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor: Vanquisher heavy turret(air-drops a heavy turret with a vanquisher cannon, deals large area-of-effect, and punches through even the thickest armor)

  74. Gravecat says:

    Awesome stuff. Icons all updated. ^^

  75. Joel says:

    Hey, it’s cool, I don’t mind :p

  76. xXDeszarasXx says:

    I sent you the other Icons via mail. hope you can do something with them

  77. Gravecat says:

    Very cool, thanks Ultra. 🙂 Will get the icons updated in a sec. And sorry Moth Eyes, wasn’t intending to compete, it just made sense for me to make a full set here since I’ve had the original five since forever. 🙂

  78. ultrasloth7 says:

    This should be the next round of icons with labeling for lvls 11-17, I’ll post again when i hit 20, hopefully 2morrow


  79. Gravecat says:

    Dorwyn: I just checked to be sure, Cadia is definitely +0.2, not +0.3. 🙂

    xXDeszarasXx: Awesome, thanks for the updates. 🙂 I’ll get the details updated in a sec. As for the icons, that’d be much appreciated — shoot ’em to me via email? gravecat@gmail.com

  80. xXDeszarasXx says:

    if you want to i can allso send you screenshots from all the item icons 😉



  81. xXDeszarasXx says:

    Here more detailed info on the later wargear.

    The info was gathered from my personal Lord General Acc’s, so it’s 100% accurate.

    Level 18: Plasma Gun: Two-handed ranged weapon, 7.3 dps.
    Grants Trait: Armor Piercing “attacks from the Plasma weapon ignore up to 100 armor”.
    Grants Trait: Wargear Package “in addition to the Lord General, weapon specialist are able to equip this weapon”.

    Level 19: Rocket Run: Calls in a Valkyrie to perform targeted rocket pod runs to devastate the enemy.
    Grants Trait: Rocket Run

    Level 20: Storm Troopers: Elite infantry equpped with hot shot lasguns. Grants the Tactical Withdrawl ability that allows the Lord General to retreat to a target position.
    Grants Ability: Deploy Storm Troopers.
    Grants Ability: Tactical Withdrawl “The Lord General willretreat to the target location to regroup”.
    Grants Trait: Special Ops “-25% Energy costs”.

  82. Dorwyn says:

    If I saw it correctly last night the Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor is descriped with 0.2 Energy Reg, indeed it is 0.3

  83. Gravecat says:

    Oh, duh. Yeah, I’m gonna chalk that down to me being a bit of a stupid today. Fixed. 🙂

  84. ultrasloth7 says:

    O btw the sniper and cadia pattern armor u have up are not the default, they r actual items, if u want the stats for the default here

    Sniper Rifle(default):weapon, 2 handed,8.0 dps
    Default:can only be replaced, not removed
    (note: this is what shows up if u equip him with nothing in the weapon slot)

    Carapace Armor(default):armor, armor rating 18
    Default; can only be replaced, not removed
    (note: this is what shows up if u equip him with nothing in the armor slot)

  85. Vexille says:

    i forgot to mention here is the complete one..
    Level 15:Ogryn
    Grants Ability: Deploy Ogryn
    Grants Minion Trait: Healty

    Level 16: Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor
    Armor Rating: 30
    Grants Ability: Deploy Vanquisher Heavy Turret

  86. Gravecat says:

    Sweet, thanks. 🙂 Updated!

  87. Vexille says:

    at lvl 15 you get Ogryn, and 16 you get Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor “Vanquisher turret”. i hope this helps.

  88. Gravecat says:

    Updated. Thanks for the info 🙂

  89. xXDeszarasXx says:

    Level 17: Take Aim!
    Grant an ally a temporary but significant damage boost.

    Level 18: Plasma Gun
    Grants Trait: Armor Piercing
    Grants trait:Wargear Package(guardsmen can equip this)

  90. Gravecat says:

    Sweet, thanks guys. 🙂 I’ll get the details updated soon.

  91. Darzinth says:

    Level 19: Rocket Run
    Level 20: Storm Troopers

  92. ultrasloth7 says:

    Mordian Pattern Carapace: lvl 12, armor, armor rating 37
    Grants ability: executioner heavy turret(Valkyrie drop ship air drops a hevay turret equipped with the executioner, a rapid firing plasma cannon devastating to infantry.)

    Grenade Launcher: lvl 13, 2 handed ranged weapon
    Grants Ability: Blind Grenade Volley(fire a volley of blind grenades, stunning enemies in the target area)
    Grants trait:Area of effect(deals dmg in a radius)
    Grants Trait:Knockdown(grenade launcher fire knocks down smaller units)
    Grants trait:Wargear Package(guardsmen can equip this)

    Commissar: lvl 14, accessories
    Grants minion trait:Combat expert(+30% ranged and melee dmg)

    that’s all I have for tonight, hopefully, I’ll have more to post 2morrow.

  93. ultrasloth7 says:

    Also once again if you are interested in icons, i think this will help, i have a jpg of the wargear screen with all the wargear up to lvl 10, and i also included a file which labels everything and tells you what it is

    These are in a zipfile here: http://rapidshare.com/files/450660592/Gravecat_icons.zip

    you dont need a premium account to download, all u need is patience

  94. ultrasloth7 says:

    Got more info for you

    At lvl 9, the sergeant bonus battle-hardened gives minions +100 armor and +2 health regen

    Catachan: lvl 10, commander Item
    Grants ability: deploy catachan(Valkyrie airship air-drops a squad of catachan soldiers armed with shotguns and able to throw grenades)
    Grants minion Trait: Knockdown(catachan shotgun fire has a chance to knock down smaller units)
    Grants Minion Trait: Explosives expert(catachans occasionally toss frag grenades)

    Reinforce: lvl 11, accesories
    Grants ability:reinforce(call a Valkyrie assault carrier to the target location, reinforcing allied infantry near the landing zone)

    Thats it for now, I will continue to post as I lvl, and if u r interested in icons, back on your space marine thread, one guy posted above my list, where he has the icons of a few of the wep and armors

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