Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Tyranid Hive Tyrant)
Last updated by Gravecat on October 26th, 2011.

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Because I couldn’t find a complete, accurate list of all the wargear and when it unlocks in Dawn of War II’s Last Stand mode, I’m creating my own in the hopes that it’ll prove useful to others someday. 🙂 If you find these lists useful or have any corrections to make, just drop me a comment at the bottom of the page. Feedback is always appreciated! I have personally verified everything up to level 15, other details are courtesy of friends and commenters. Thanks to Tsenzei, wolfofmibu66, Toyi, and Beelzebot for helping to complete the list. 🙂


Scything Talons
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Two-handed melee weapon, 8.2 dps.

Default armor. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 105. Grants Traits: Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Enlarged Scything Talons
Starting equipment

Two-handed melee weapon, 16.0 dps. Grants Minion Traits: Armor Piercing (All minion creature attacks ignore up to 100 armor value), Combat Expert (+30% melee and ranged damage.)

Extended Carapace
Starting equipment

Armor Rating: 144, -14% Movement Speed, +25 Health. Grants Ability: Bio-Plasma (10: Hurl a blast of bio-plasma, doing area of effect damage. Effective against groups of infantry.) Grants Traits: Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Poison Cysts
Starting equipment

Armor Rating: 160, -14% Movement Speed, +50 Health. Grants Ability: Toxic Miasma (25: Emit a toxic cloud that poisons a large area. Enemies in the area suffer damage over time equal to half of the Hive Tyrant’s maximum health over 20 seconds.) Grants Traits: Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Seismic Roar
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: Seismic Roar (15: Emit a roar which stuns nearby enemies.)

Genestealer Nest
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: Call Genestealer (10: Call Genestealer minion creatures whose rending claws reduce the effectiveness of enemy armor.) Can only have one active Genestealer squad at a time.

Toxin Sacs
Unlocks at level 2

Accessory. +20 Minion Creature Health. Grants Trait: Searing (The Hive Tyrant’s Melee and Ranged attacks deal additional damage over time. Damage scales with the Hive Tyrant’s maximum health. Multiple searing attacks stack.) Grants Minion Trait: Searing (All minion creatures’ Melee and Ranged attacks deal additional damage over time. Damage scales with the attacker’s maximum Health. Multiple searing attacks stack.)

Tyrant Guard Nest
Unlocks at level 3

Accessory. Grants Ability: Call Tyrant Guard (20: Call a Tyrant Guard minion creature. Highly resilient, the Tyrant Guard can also taunt enemies.) Can only have one active Tyrant Guard at a time.

Venom Cannon
Unlocks at level 4

Two-handed ranged weapon, 13.0 dps. Grants Trait: Armor Piercing (Melee or Ranged attacks ignore up to 240 armor value.)

Unlocks at level 5

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Charge (10: Charge at targeted location, knocking over everything in the charge path.)

Bonded Exoskeleton
Unlocks at level 6

Armor Rating: 134, -14% Movement Speed, +75 Health, +50 Minion Creature Health, +2 Minion Creature Health Regeneration. Grants Traits: Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Warrior Nest
Unlocks at level 7

Accessory. Grants Ability: Call Warrior (15: Call a Tyranid Warrior minion creature armed with powerful Scything Talons and able to knock back enemy infantry.) Can only have one active Warrior at a time.

Warp Field
Unlocks at level 8

Accessory. +50 Energy. Grants Ability: Warp Field (Raise a protective shield which halves incoming damage and causes it to reduce Energy instead of Health.)

Implant Attacks
Unlocks at level 9

Accessory. +20 Minion Creature Health. Grants Trait: Combat Master (+30% Melee and Ranged damage.) Grants Minion Trait: Combat Master (+30% Melee and Ranged damage.)

Heavy Talons
Unlocks at level 10

Two-handed melee weapon, 16.0 dps. Grants Trait: Knockdown (Standard attacks knock down and knock back enemy infantry.) Grants Minion Trait: Unshakable (Unit is immune to knockback.)

Psychic Scream
Unlocks at level 11

Accessory. Grants Ability: Psychic Scream (10: Reduce damage output and defenses of all enemy units within the area of effect of the ability.)

Unlocks at level 12

Accessory. +25 Health. Grants Trait: Feedback Invulnerability (The death of any minion creature briefly makes the Hive Tyrant invulnerable.)

Articulated Carapace
Unlocks at level 13

Armor Rating: 112. Grants Ability: The Horror (Force the targeted enemy squad to fall back in terror.) Grants Traits: Swift (+15% Movement Speed), Fearless (Unit is immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback). Grants Minion Traits: Swift (+25% Movement Speed), Fearless (Unit is immune to suppression.)

Crushing Talons
Unlocks at level 14

Two-handed melee weapon, 14.6 dps. +1 Minion Creature Health Regeneration. Grants Trait: Feedback Zeal (The Hive Tyrant regains 3 Health every time one of his minion creatures attacks.)

Unlocks at level 15

Commander Item. -50% Ability Energy Costs.

Explosive Decomposition
Unlocks at level 16

Accessory. +20 Minion Creature Health, +50 Health. Grants minion trait: Death Throes (A toxic cloud erupts upon death of any minion creature, damaging enemies in a large area. The higher the minion creature’s maximum Health, the greater the damage done.)

Reinforced Chitin
Unlocks at level 17

Armor Rating: 98, -14% Movement Speed, +80 Minion Creature Armor, +25 Health, grants traits: Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback), Reactive Armor (Hive Tyrant temporarily gains +10 Armor each time he is attacked, up to a maximum of +300 Armor.)

Ravener Nest
Unlocks at level 18

Accessory. Grants ability: Call Ravener.

High-Toxin Venom Cannon
Unlocks at level 19

Two-handed ranged weapon, 5.7 dps. Grants traits: Zealous Leadership (Attacks with the Hive Tyrant’s venom cannon heal all his minions for 5% of their maximum Health), Area of Effect (Attacks from this weapon deal damage over a small area.)

Unlocks at level 20

Commander Item. +2.0 Health Regeneration. Grants minion traits: Resilient (+50 Health and +2 Health Regeneration), Swift (+25% Movement Speed), Combat Expert (+25% melee and ranged damage)

Rending Stranglethorn
Unlocked by achievement “Megakill” (Kill 20 enemies within one second as the Tyranid Hive Tyrant).

Two-handed ranged weapon, 16.0 dps. Grants Trait: Suppression.

Behemoth Claw
Unlocked by achievement “Heavy Hitter” (Kill 25 superheavy units as the Tyranid Hive Tyrant).

Two-handed melee weapon, 30.0 dps, +50 Armor Rating. Grants Trait: Armor Piercing.

Devourer Cannon
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Two-handed ranged weapon, 7.4 dps. Grants Trait: Gestate (Units hit by the devourer take 30 damage over 6 seconds.)

Thornback Carapace
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Armor Rating: 190. Grants Traits: Barbed Armor (Enemies that attack the Hive Tyrant in melee take 20 damage for every attack), Fearless (Immune to suppression), Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

89 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Tyranid Hive Tyrant)”

  1. lordgnu says:

    This build is a lazy stand/shoot, let your minion fight in front of you and win build. If you have a teamate who can supress the ennemy it’s realy easy to win with this build :

    -Venom Cannon

    -Bonded Exoskeleton

    -Ravener Nest
    -Warrior Nest or Tyrant Guard Nest (More damage / more resistant tank)
    – Implant Attacks

    – Evolution

    Basically, you just stand back, spawn your minion and shoot. Note that this Venom cannon do a lot of damage in melee (I never understand why)

  2. Hawk_kw says:

    hi guys any low level load outs (below 12th level)

  3. Tyson says:

    Lazy build.

    Enlarged Scything Talons

    Bonded Exoskeleton

    Warrior Nest
    Implant Attacks
    Toxin Sacs


    Your Warrior has loads of extra health, his health regen makes him nigh unkillable. Meanwhile, as he takes loads of damage, he dishes out extra damage, is armour piercing, knocks back enemies and his toxin sacs damage is more than doubled because of the gear you have on.
    Just sit back and let your minion solo any character you want him to.

  4. VoidVodz says:

    BTW, I also use your exact build, we must be connected by the Hive Mind!

  5. VoidVodz says:

    Lodofhive, in answer to your question, afaik the Reactive Armor ability of the Reinforced Chitin doesn’t actually work.

  6. Lordofhive says:

    are there any good loadouts with reinforced chitin in?

  7. Lordofhive says:

    The best loadout for me is:

    Crushing talons

    Poison cysts

    Explosive decomposition
    Genestealer nest


    This allows you to run into a large horde of enemy’s and Use toxic miasma to kill most of them,it also allows you to spawn gene stealers and then spawn more and kill the other ones and activate biofeedback making you invunerable for a short period of time keep spawning and killing genestealers and you shield will remain up almost indefinitely only leaving a small half a second gap while the genestealers load, on top of this every time your genestealers attack you regain health. this leaves you practically invincible with all these things and makes you able to take on almost anything ( I say almost anything because on wave 16 doppelgänger it really depends how your teammates help you because even your awesome hive tyrant can’t take on all three at once.

  8. Silent_luck says:

    the best set-up for the hive tyrant is:

    Behemoth Claw

    Thornback Carapace

    Genestealer nest
    Explosive Decomposition


    this Set-up allows you to run into combat, destroy everything and also have very cheap genestealers which, when they die you are invulnerable for a short period of time

  9. -SoL- Justice says:

    Here is a setup I found that works well:
    Behemoth Claw

    Thornback Carapace

    Ravener Nest
    Explosive Decomposition
    Toxin Sacs


    This Setup makes u a heavy tank with a high kill count.The claw and armor give u 240 armor rating and the Explosive Decomposition for 50hp and the Evolution for the 2hp regen. The ravener for high ranged dps and ur claws do highest melee dps. Every setup has to use the toxin sacs because it is the highest damage item for the tyrant.

    I have soloed all waves up to 12 with this setup as it can take and deal ALOT of damage.

  10. HiveMind says:

    This is a great build I found easily got me to lv 20 anvil and beat it fairly easily, with a bit of help from my friends…

    Enlarged Scything Talons/But any will probably do
    -Minion awesomeness

    Thornback Carapace
    -Trash dies as they hit you, banshees, killa kans, dreadnaughts, avatars etc…

    Psychic Scream
    -The trash doesn’t kill you before they die
    Feedback Invulnerability
    -Speaks for itself
    -Spam, spam spam, for maximum invulnerability effectiveness

    -Genestealers and psychic scream cost next to nothing

    Basically spam genestealers and the chips are never down. with heavies or banshees or anything remotely dangerous, use the psychic scream and the enemy becomes as effective against your tyrant as a mewing kitten. I killed all the superheavies within 5-10 seconds as psychic scream also reduces the defence of the opponents drastically. This is a team carrying tank build right here.


  11. Beskins says:

    “superheavy units” are the 5 special and big enemies in the map Anvil of Khorne

    16 – Ork Battlewagon/fortres
    17 – Eldar Avatar
    18 – Chaos Greater Deamon of Nurgle
    19 – Imperial Guard Baneblade
    20 – Space Marine Landraider

  12. Angel says:

    I´ve visited a lot of different forums and blogs but nobody can surely say what these “superheavy units” are.
    I hope one of you can. Is there anybody who got the “behemoth claws” already?

    -there are no superheavy units in colosseum.
    they are: swarmlord,avatar,nurgle,landraider & baneblade

  13. Angel says:

    Hi there,

    I´ve visited a lot of different forums and blogs but nobody can surely say what these “superheavy units” are.
    I hope one of you can. Is there anybody who got the “behemoth claws” already?

    Thx for ansering!

  14. santasDARKSIDE says:

    What is the best way to get the Behemoth Claws?

  15. Mark says:

    Having experimented at the weekend the Genestealer spam build is awesome:

    Poison Cysts
    Genestealer Nest
    Bio Feedback
    Explosive Decomposition

    I played twice at the weekend, once with Crushing Talons for extra healing and once with Behemoth Claw. I found it easier with Crushing Talons, keeping a higher health bar but got more kilss withthe Behemoth Claw. I completed Anvil with each of these builds with no ‘deaths’ at level 16. I did have a good team though, Level 18 Shas’O and level 20 Space Marine.
    This has to be the roughest toughest tank build of any character.

  16. Eagle11 says:

    3 Hivetyrants can easily do Anvil of Khorne in little time staying on ranged without any death.

    2 need to have Venom Cannon whilst one has Rending Stranglethorn
    Bonded Exoskeleton for all
    Toxin Sacs for all
    Warrior and Ravener,however Tyrant Guard and Genestealer for the one dude with Rending Stranglethorn
    Evolution for all

  17. Gian-Luca says:

    a good way i found to kill 2o poor dude in a sec is the miasma armour on wave 1 of anvil or 9 on bloodied colesseo there is the spamshee cluster and on the anvil if u can get 2 friends to help ya to round up heretics then thats a good way.

  18. DrunkDave says:

    To answer my own question for you guys, a ranged build can work. I got 3/5 of the superheavies In a round witha devourer-based build.

  19. DrunkDave says:

    Regarding the achievement where I need to kill 25 superheavies: Is there a way besides Arcane Azmadi’s build to get it? I’m only level 9, and I would like to get a head start. Maybe sniping with a venom cannon, or something like that. I don’t know about the tanks, but Daisy (the swarmlord) seems to go down pretty easy. And the avatar/great unclean one are slow as hell.

  20. DaykinMan says:

    Nzgren ive had a problem like this b4 but it didnt efffect anything. Therefore im pretty sure that in 3 more you will still get the acheivement 🙂

  21. Tsenzei says:

    Nazgren: You might want to try the forums on Relic or the related Steam forums, they should have tech staff.

    My best guess was that your connection to Steam or something crashed. The character stats are stored on exterior servers, and wouldn’t show up properly if there was no communication between their server and your computer. If this is the case, it should have sorted itself out when the connection was repaired.

    If not, then again you’ll want to get a hold of Relic and/or Steam tech support.

  22. Nazgren says:

    to ad on to the above it also seems that all my stats have reset…

  23. Nazgren says:

    probably not the best place to ask about it but googleing the problem provided no answers…
    i was on last stand as eldar when something happened that caused the game to crash but me and the 2 other players were still able to talk, we eventually decided to alt f-4 out. when i logged back on my heavy hitter achivement had reset from 17 back to 0? anyone got a solution to this or is there nothing i can do about it?

  24. Torrent says:

    I have found the Devourer to be an amazing weapon. With searing from Toxic sacs it does stupid DoT dmg against whole squads. Its a tag each group fire and forget. But it still eats up nobs, walkers and vehicles fairly quickly as each hit seems to accumulate DoT stacks.

    I usually use Synapse/Bio Feedback/Warrior/thornback carapace
    when in trouble just resummon warrior to give invul shield.
    That being your only activatable ability you can spam it all day in the thick of things. Cooldown on warrior is just a hair longer than invul shield so your damn hard to kill and you can laugh as you stand in one place tagging everything with devourer DoTs

  25. Arcane Azmadi says:

    You definitely have to get killing blows on superheavies to get Heavy Hitter. Given that superheavies ONLY appear on the later levels of the Anvil of Khorne, you have to make sure your teammates don’t get the last blow and they’re no pushovers, this is why it’s one of the hardest (or at least most time-consuming) achievments in the entire game to get.

    I’d suggest using the following build to farm it:

    Crushing Talons

    Poison Cysts

    Genestealer Nest
    Psychic Scream
    Explosive Decomposition


    The key to the build is spamming. Poison Cysts allows you to wipe out entire waves of weak units with Toxic Miasma and Psychic Scream lets you deal with the heavier ones, both by drastically reducing the damage they do to you and letting you kill them faster, so they don’t do as much damage. Constantly spam your Genestealers, even if they’re already still alive- they keep you alive with Feedback Zeal and every time you summon them the existing ones explode in a cloud of poison. Synapse gives you basically infinite energy, even if you spam Toxic Miasma like mad. You may be cutting things a bit fine trying to solo the Avatar and waves where your Genestealers don’t last too long can give you trouble (Bloodletters are your worst enemy) but careful timing with Psychic Scream is key to reducing damage as much as possible and maximising your own in its duration. Its area is quite large, so try to position yourself to can catch as many enemies in it as possible.

  26. Aylin says:


    I’m pretty sure that the numbers for the HT are off on a number of things. The Implant Attacks don’t adjust his combat scores, like similar items do for the other commanders, for example. Actually, I think every commander has some items where the listed stats are wrong, but it’s most obvious with the HT.

    Anyway, just from using it a couple of times, I think the Rending Stranglethorn does apply a DOT (I fired it at some enemies in TBC, didn’t have Searing or any other DOT effects active, but the HP of the enemies looked like it was still going down with nothing else affecting them).

  27. Tsenzei says:

    Speaking of achievements, I’ve noticed that the Rending Stranglethorn damage is… odd.

    It lists as 9.8 damage, with a 3 second delay between each shot. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, I think it might fire more often for example but I haven’t timed it. In any event, I’m guessing that the 16.0 DPS might be from the melee, and the attack animation shown when you equip it is a melee attack rather than firing the gun (like with Devourer, Venom Cannon, etc.)

    If the information in the stats window is correct, the actual DPS of the ranged weapon would be ~3.3

    Or they just messed up on one or more of the numbers displayed, not sure which.

    Back on the topic of Heavy Hitter: You do at least need to hit the Superheavy, but I’m not sure about killing blow. If you just avoid it, you won’t get credit even if you’re still alive. Given how all the others work, I do think you need to get killing blows from abilities attacks and/or pets though. Either way, it’s best to go for killing blows.

  28. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Bobbo From what I’ve been able to tell through farming them you or one of your minions needs to land the killing blow. So, for example, if you’re down and your Ravener keeps firing on the Great Unclean One and gets the last blow, it’s your kill.

  29. Tsenzei says:

    Thanks Bobbo for the information/clarification.

  30. GronarX says:

    Crushing Talons
    Poison Cysts
    Genestealer Nest
    Bio Feedback
    Explosive Decomposition

    This is a massive AoE DPS Built because of your own health (Poison Cysts) and the dmg by exploding minions. Sometime i just reset my minions just to watch them die an kill enemies. A nice Top is the invulnerability and the 30% chance of special meele hits. But in wave 16 the enemy hive tyrant will “forget” to die and start killing your party.^^

  31. Bobbo says:

    “Super Heavy Targets” are Daisy, Avatar, Nurgle, Baneblade, and Landraider.
    I think you have to be standing up to get a point, I was dead for landraider and so only got 4 of them. Not sure if you need the last hit, but doubt it.
    This has to be done on Anvil of Khorne, there are no superheavys in the colosseum.

  32. Gravecat says:

    List updated. Thanks for the screenshot and info. 😀

  33. Tsenzei says:

    So, for “Super Heavy Targets” just to clarify. Are they only bosses? Do Zoanthropes count for example, or are they only vehicles like Walkers and Carnifex?

    Also, does the HT need to get the last hit, or can it’s minions or Toxin Sac’s/Gestate DoTs get it?

    It seems like, no matter how many bosses and vehicles I kill, I almost never get credit for the achievement.

  34. Simon says:

    Tank Build
    This build is very resilient with healing and invulerability from pets, it also has high area damage with the farth and pets explosions.
    -Poison Cysts
    -Crushing Talons

    Pet Master DPS Build
    This buid has high DPS due to cannon, ravener and DoT. It grats moderate protection through the Guardian that draws the enemies away from you. It’s very relaxing to seat back and watch your bets bucher anything, just stay back and shoot!
    -Bonded Exoskeleton
    -Venom Cannon
    -Toxin Sacks
    -Tyrant Guard Nest
    -Ravener Nest

  35. internetrush says:

    Armor:Bonded Exoskeleton
    Weapon: Crushing Talons

    Ravener Nest
    Warrior Nest

    Commander Item: Synapse

    Key features:
    +3 per second health regeneration for minions.
    +3 health everytime a minion attacks (to tyrant)
    +100 tyrant health
    +50 minion health
    Feedback – invuln everytime you changeout squads or one gets killed.

    Proper use:

    Keep your figure over W and R and swap out squads when they start taking dmg. If done right, tyrant should be invulnerable during almost entire battle.

  36. Callum says:

    Hes new one for yah I call this (Bushwacker)build

    Behemoth Claw
    Thornback Carapace
    Toxin Sacs
    Implant Attacks
    Genestealer Nest or TG nest or Rav or Warrior(I perfer Gene most since u get 3 instead of 1 good decoys)

    U become walking powerhouse horror watch has those pesky meleers just tickle u and yet they get the painful treatment, keep spaming Genestealers or whatever nest to distract bosses and ranged enemies

  37. Iñaki says:

    And Bonded Exoskeleton 🙂

  38. Iñaki says:

    Crushing Talons

    Implant Attacks
    Genestealer Nest
    Tyrant Guard Nest

    Thornback (I’m level 18 right now, but Evolution looks great at level 20)

    Focus on DPS / Regeneration

  39. Hel O Keety says:

    Hi Keeane,
    Super Heavy units are the bosses, which there are a lot more of playing Anvil of Khorne.

    Hi Crimsonz,
    Venom Cannon is not under rated…it’s too good…if you are playing Bloodied Colliseum, your wave 16 clone will destroy your group in seconds.

  40. Crimsonz says:

    Venom Cannon is so underrated. It’s mad good (better than the dlc Devourer cannon) as it gives high dmg for BOTH ranged and melee (yes melee does 20 dmg and ignores armor!!) It shoots faster than the Devourer cannon (2.5sec compared to Venom’s 1.0sec)

  41. Keeane says:

    I’ve got a question. What are super heavy units? Are they available in Colliseum map, at Wave 12?

  42. Lonestar says:

    Rending StrangleThorn

    Poison Cysts

    Pyschic Scream
    Tyrant Guard
    Toxin Sacs


    This build does extreme amounts of DoT damage since if your surrounded you can use pyschic scream to reduce all damage and defense of every enemy around you drastically for a bit and then spam toxic miasma which only costs 7 energy with synapse if you cannot escape say a carnifex use pyschic scream and the carnifex is pretty much love tapping you 😉

  43. Nagash says:

    Behemoth Claw, witch increase your armor by 40

    Poison Cysts

    Implant Attacks
    Explosive Decomposition
    Warp Field


    The Poison Cysts to take out a crowd, and the claws can take out anything else, The warpfield is to get in close to them without loose health, and the synapse can be used to reduce the cost of the Warp field or poison cysts, or the Evolution to increase health regen

  44. Beelzebot says:

    Venom Cannon

    Poison Cysts

    Genestealer Nest
    Explosive Decomposition


    The suicide bomber build. You have 225 HP, so your Toxic Miasma will kill anything that closes in. With Synapse you can spam Genestealers quite long, which will make you very tough and some damage on top. Venom Cannon deals with ranged/tough targets.

  45. Rod911 says:

    Behemoth Claw

    Thornback Carapace

    Warp Field
    Implant Attacks
    Psychic Scream


    Treat your MP reserve as if it was your HP, so turn on Warp Field when you find your HP is down to around 60-70. Once turned on, you can let your HP recover. Use Psychic Scream as often as you want (highly recommended) to mitigate the use of Warp Field.

    Also, try to kill ranged enemies first with this setup. The reason? Any melee enemies that come into contact with you get automatically damaged by your armor. If you happen to have screamed at them before they attacked you, watch your enemy’s HP fritter away as they attack you (BTW, now would be a good time to have turned on your Warp Field also).

  46. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    Got another one I’ve been using as of late:

    Enlarged Scything Talons

    Bonded Exoskeleton

    Ravener Nest
    Implant Attacks
    Psychic Scream


    With this, your Ravener becomes a god. You’re a little squishier as a result, but Psychic Scream helps remedy that somewhat while reducing any defenses they may have left versus your Ravener. I was using Toxin Sacs in place of Psychic Scream before, but the Ravener easily killed its targets before the searing had a chance to do any damage (and several of my targets before mine had a chance to do anything as well). Those seeking extra protection might want to try Bio-Feedback in place of Psychic Scream; a little extra health and makes the death of your Ravener (those rare times it happens) a little easier to handle (and gives a clutch immunity if you need to run into a blob to bring up an ally).

  47. SniperGhost says:

    thats a nice class dude, you can also do the ravener nest, tyrant guard nest and the warrior nest…… thats a awesome one to. chears mate

  48. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    Here’s one I’ve been playing around with:

    Rending Stranglethorn

    Bonded Exoskeleton

    Toxic Sacs
    Implant Attacks
    Tyrant Guard Nest


    A build designed to take advantage of the Searing trait by maximizing both you and your minions’ health.

    I’ve been playing around with weapon choices, and the three that seem to work best are Rending Stranglethorn, Devourer Cannon, and High-Toxin Venom Cannon. Personally, I prefer the Stranglethorn, since it spreads the Searing damage around faster and Suppresses besides. Devourer Cannon is a close second; while it doesn’t Sear as quickly, it still has better single-target DPS than the Stranglethorn and can put a DoT on a single squad regardless of their positioning. If you don’t have access to either of these weapons, the AoE of the High-Toxin Venom Cannon, however small, is still preferable to single-target, and it can also boost your minions’ survivability a bit.

    As for minions, I prefer the Tyrant Guard because his high health makes for some mean Searing and his ability to taunt can keep annoying melee units off of you.

    This build is still being tested but as of now appears to work fine.

  49. Jamin P. Rose says:

    I’ve got one

    Enlarged surging talons

    Bonded exoskeleton

    Explosive decomposition
    Implant attacks
    Ravener nest


    You have +125 hero health +2.0 hero health regen, +140 minion creature health, & +4.0 minion.creature health regeneration. The minion also has combat expert and master along with armor piercing and death throes, making one hell of a beastly hive tyrant and minion creature.

  50. DarkraiOfDoom says:

    here’s an interesting build for almost permanant invulnerability

    Crushing Talons/any ranged weapon, pref Devourer Cannon for DoT

    Bonded Exoskeleton

    Explosive Decomposition
    Genestealer Nest


    Just spam Genestealers! When your cooldown has run out for genestealers, your energy has recharged to max and your invulnerability has worn out. So just resummon!

    you could use any of the 3 mentioned weapons depending on if you want health from your genestealers or not and you could use any ranged weapon, really, if you don’t want to get into melee fights with enemies and just want to sit back and let your genestealers do their job.

  51. Laevatein says:

    Hey i was wondering if there is a way to make good melee HT without minions. Any1 have suggestions? Here’s what i would use

    Enlarged Scything talons: Until i get Behemoth claw

    Reinforced Chitin(if reactive armor works while warp field is on)/Poison Cysts

    Explosive decomposition: for HP+50
    Implant attacks: for combat master
    Warp Field: for added survivability

    Evolution: for HP regen

    any1 have suggestions on how to improve, other than getting behemoth claw

  52. Anon says:

    Hey, does anyone know if the searing attack works with devourer? Do the two stack for damage?

  53. Ninja_cheese says:

    a little add on people seem to dislike the strqanglehorn thats weird as i find it the most awsome weapon 4 tyra it have 2 unlisted abilitys armourpierce and it give u knockback in melee pretty handy for a ranged dude combine it with searing thats a aoe attack that damages over time land a few of theese bombs and watch the magic with my tyra using stranglehorn ive made a max kill 782 on anvil enjoy

  54. Pyro says:

    More weapon info:

    “Rending Stranglethorn”
    Grants trait: Suppression (The Stranglethorn suppresses enemy units under fire, slowing their movement and attack speed)

    “Behemoth Claw”
    Grants trait: Armour Piercing (Attacks will ignore up to 100 armour)

    The Behemoth Claw also gives an unlisted bonus of +50 armour rating when equipped.

  55. My Hand is a Dolphin says:

    Ok, let me respond to some questions people have asked.

    “Are the Behemoth Claws worth it?”

    The answer is a definitely. Sure, 25 superheavies may seem daunting, but 30 damage a hit whilst piercing armour makes these claws one of the best weapons in the game. I am on Level 20, and I have found that you shouldn’t really try to get these claws until at least Level 15, when you get Synapse. For those of you on Level 20 trying to get it, here is my loadout:

    Crushing Talons

    Poison Cysts

    Toxin Sacs (surprisingly, once you get to this kind of level, they really do help a lot)
    Warp Field (don’t even try without one of these)
    Ravener Nest (by far the best nest)


    I had to play about 6 hours or so to get this achievement and weapon, but it’s worth the work. By the way, you have to play Anvil of Khorne to get this achievement, and the units you should be aiming for are:

    Swarmlord (Wave 13)
    Battlewagon (Wave 16)
    Avatar (Wave 17)
    Greater Daemon of Nurgle (Wave 18)
    Baneblade (Wave 19)
    Land Raider (Wave 20)

    Next question.

    “Is there any way to get Megakill without it being a fluke?”

    Ok, so basically, the key is to have Scything Talons and Toxic Miasma. That’s all there is to it. Apart from Banshee hordes and Termagant hordes later on in the Colosseum, the only way to get this is to play Anvil of Khorne (again). Although, I wouldn’t make any special effort to get this as the Stranglethorn whatever-it-is is very, very bad.

    Oh, and another ‘beast’ loadout for a melee Tyrant is this:

    Behemoth Claw – nothing more needs to be said.

    Poison Cysts – good armour, deals with hordes nicely and gives you a boost of health.

    Warp Field – +50 energy is a massive bonus, and if you are stuck then pull out the Warp Field and you basically get to relive your life again whilst regenerating previously lost health.

    Ravener Nest – probably one of the best upgrades you can get. The Ravener is an absolute tank on the field, and combined with other items mentioned here, makes it ridiculously powerful. It’s devourers seem to negate quite a bit of armour so it is handy when going solo against a dreadnought.

    Toxin Sacs – this is just a personal favourite. +20 minion creature health, and with damage being scaled up with health it is a pretty sexy item to have, and is best for one on one fighting.

    Evolution – OK, so this basically pimps up your Ravener. This is just an epic item to have on the battlefield, and helps you regenerate health.

    Well, that’s enough from me, I hope what I have said helps.


  56. Wolfinexile says:

    I simply call this build beast because thats what you feel like as you use it.

    Devour cannon
    Thornback Carapace
    Explosive decompostion
    Warrior nest

    The idea is to find some heavy cover and simply sit there as your cannon picks people off and warrior charges in. You can literally spam warrior summon as much as possible and never run out of energy and give yourself immunity to damage and cause explosions. If anyone attempts to melee you the armor will kill them. The star point of the build is if you spam warrior enough theres only about a 4 second or less window where you can be damaged so the only massed fire or the swarmlord can kill you.

  57. Made In NZ says:

    just wondering,does anyone know if the Behemoth Claw is worth the trouble of killing the super-heavies? thanks 🙂

  58. MK Babylon says:

    Hive Champion

    Behemoth Claw
    Thornback Carapace

    Ravener Nest
    Implant Attacks
    Warp Field


    This highly aggressive built relies on the massive damage and defense potential of the newest HT wargear. At the price of minion support, it offers him the tools to take down the greatest threats you will face in The Last Stand (Walkers, Tanks, BC Heros, AoK Superunits) in a few hits. On this base and by adding Implant Attacks for additional damage and Warp Field for the case of critical health and for the close duel against the Superunits, the Hive Champion might become the ultimate tank hero. The Ravener is a good choice as third item here because of his high damage output while the Evolution is mostly used because of the +2.0 HP Regeneration – the additional power for the Ravener is a good side effect.
    Have fun. ^^

  59. s-z says:

    here’s a good video to anyone still wanting to getmegakill, I was able to get it on my first try after watching this video and all it requires is toxic miasma armor.

    Has anyone tried a solo build based around behemoth claws? I’ve done pretty well as a solo HT with just the normal claws that grant combat expert and armor piercing to minions, but the BC’s would be a LOT better seeing how I get armor ignore and almost double dps off them. As long as energy shield is up my HT was untouchable, especially with a 100 energy shield. I think it’d be a pretty good build with a mek who had ‘ave a taste since the HT’s energy regen isn’t that great.

  60. Petroklos says:

    Devourer Cannon

    Thornback Carapace

    Toxin Sacks
    Explosive Decomposition
    Warrior / Tyrrant Guard Nest


    This is a build based on the Hive-Tyrant’s power. The massive DoT of the Devourer Cannon (which ignores Armor-Ratings), will make the Tyrant wipe blobs in a hit or two, “devourer” heavier enemies’ HP and bring down massive threats (Superunits, Hero-Terminator etc.) before they even manage to get near him. And with the massive armor rating and the DoT of the Thornback Carapace (which ignores Armor-Ratings too), the Tyrant regains his massive Melee capabilities, lost by the Devourer Cannon’s barely noticable Melee damage. In addition to all those, the +2hp regeneration and +50hp, really help with survival problems (not to mention the +5 damage Searing Bonus, now reaching -15hp/2sec.). Finally with a quite durable Melee minion, knockbacking your foes around or taunting the hell out of them, while dealing significant damage (especialy thanks to Searing), even on death (Death Throes), this build makes the Hive Tyrant really powerful and fun to play.

  61. ultrasloth7 says:

    lol,thx for the quick response

  62. ImpromptuParty says:

    @ultrasloth7: You can get it fairly easily on Anvil, max out your HT’s hp and use toxic cysts on the guardsmen blobs.

  63. ultrasloth7 says:

    any1 here have any suggestions on how to get the megakill achievement (20 enemies in 10 seconds) I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it other than straight luck. Any1 here have any good ideas (c’mon ppl, this is the internet, sum1 must know!)

  64. Gravecat says:

    Hehe, no worries. 🙂 Either way, new gears should be updated for all the characters.

  65. Ismael says:

    sorry, i did not want to be rude.

    Let me re-ask: “Please, would you update the list with new achievement gears?!!!”

    lol, i’m really sorry i didn’t meant to.

  66. Gravecat says:

    Updated as promised with the new paid DLC wargear, and fixed the Toxin Sacs icon.

  67. Gravecat says:

    Ismael, asking nicely wouldn’t kill you. Anyway, updates are coming shortly.

  68. Zeny says:

    I got one.

    The Afker

    Crushing Talons
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Tyrant Guard
    Toxin Sacs

    hrm, just like like the carebear build haha.

  69. Ismael says:

    Update the page with new gears!

  70. Gravecat says:

    Updated the list with the new achievement-unlockable gear.

  71. Callum says:

    The Carebear build

    High-Toxin Venom Cannon (Healer)
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Tyrant Guard Nest (Tank)
    Ravener Nest (DPSer)
    Toxin Sacs

    If u like to healing so you can keep your pets alive longer? this is one for you, you still do good amount of damage with the help of toxin sacs the more the hive tyrants hp the more damage u dish out and your minions get that bonus aswell, works better with mekboys boss poll.

    I hope u can review my builds reply back to me.

  72. Callum says:

    The Horde build

    High-Toxin Venom Cannon
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Genestealer Nest or Ravener nest
    Tyrant Guard Nest
    Ravener Nest or warrior nest

    if u like swarming your enemies this is the one for you simply easy effective,this is at its best if the 2 other players had the same build as yours, u will have massive army to help you , down side is u may need to be tactical when u face your copys. enjoy the show of a massica

  73. Callum says:

    The Assassin build

    Enlarged Scything Talons
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Ravener Nest
    Toxin Sacs
    Implant Attacks

    this is very effective against bosses but the down side is if your pet had a brain he would become skynet + the copycats at wave 16/20, all u need is luck and tryin to guide it towards its target, you can increase the effectiveness if the 2 other players who are mekboy with boss poll and chaos sorceror with icon of pain and enjoy the fun.

  74. Rick says:

    @ Barry

    The Ravener is fantastic, and a massive damage dealer. You might not be able to see easily, but he shoots even when underground. The upside of this is he is much more survivable, the downside is of course that he is not diverting attention away from you in the same way a Warrior or Tyrant Guard does.

  75. Barry says:

    The Barbed Strangler thing you get for the Megakill achievement was a letdown for me. I expected a grenade launcher and got an inaccurate and frankly pathetic damage suppresion weapon. The Behemoth Claw has INSANE damage and will crush almost ANY enemy in melee. A HT set for solo combat isn’t advised so a Tyrant Guard, Warrior and Genestealer swarm will handle the smaller enemies (the big ones too if at level 20 you equip Evolution) but DO NOT use the Ravener. I always look round and see it burrowed underground for round after round so please, use the weaker Warrior cos it will get more kills in the long run. The Crushing Claws as mentioned are a staple weapon of INVINCIBILITY which grant near-impossible survivability. The armor is your choice. Poison Cysts kill even tough enemies, the Bonded Exoskeleton further makes the minions untouchable and the Reactive armor is great for taking on hordes of small enemies (sorry can’t remember what it’s called). Bio Plasma can be useful for stunning enemies before the charge but it is less useful once you GET there. A note on the weapons while I remember. Venom cannons are ok but they are both weak in their own way. The standard one is powerful but useless without minions to occupy the enemy. The High Toxin one has splash damage and heals your minions so it can be a decent weapon but both pale in comparison to the claws. The Hive Tyrant is only equalled by the Captain who is versatile and can be modded to fit the player’s style. It is still regarded as the strongest of the 6 and worth every second leveling up.

  76. RandomBlurr says:

    There is new acheivement gear aviable for all classes. The achievements are listed on the gear, I’ve only unlocked one piece for the LG.

  77. MK Babylon says:

    Crushing Talons
    Reinforced Chitin
    Warrior Nest
    Tyrant Guard Nest
    Ravener Nest

    Pretty simple high lvl built. The three most effective beasts in the Hive Tyrant’s rows reinforced with the different effects of Evolution and RC will be close to invincible.
    The only thing you will have to care about is your own health. While RC (it’s reactive armor is usually more effective than the higher armor ratings of the other armors) gives you an armor rating rising with each strike you take in the hot phase of the combat, the Crushing Talons increase your health with each attack of your minions (for that purpose, Raveners are essential for your survival – if your Ravener dies, replace him IMMEDIATELY). If you are aimed by heavy beasts or heros with high damage ratings, run away as fast as you can – the RC will not save you from heavy single attacks.
    Try it and have fun. ^^

  78. Barrogh says:

    Pretty straightforward build includes Ravener and Venom canon, add all minion upgrades items. Now you have very dangerous turret. You may take Miasma against Stormies and guys like that though.

  79. Amaraen says:

    Use a real man’s build.

    Poison Cysts
    Crushing Talons
    Bio Feedback
    Your Choice

    You are now an unstoppable force of ugly nature and you can shock random teammates as you go “RAGRHRARGRGARGRHG” and attack three Carnifexes at once. None shall stop you as you become the God of Death and melee down the huge monsters that make the heaviest armoured Ork run in fear. Begone are the whims and worries of mortals as your talons and teeth clash down on the most hardened armour in spark and fury, a thousand dreadnaughts will flame you and burn your hardened carapace only in vain to feel your mighty sharpened appendages slice and bully their way through their armour. End the world you shall as the fires of chaos embrace you, not the overwhelming odds of an entire guard regiment or the entire chapter of blood ravens will overcome you as each of your furious bellows and blows becomes the ending of their lives.

    You are unstoppable and you will bring about victory and death or probably just the latter.

    Your minions are your health, with each strike their engraving unto the flesh of men and beast fills you with the impending feeling of inevitable victory. Your health shall be renewed with every slice they take into the ever beating heart of the enemy. With the death of your brood your life shall be renewed and coat your strength with fevered anger, the adrenaline rush making every attack of an enemy, whether by bolter or sword or fury mean nothing to you.

    Your fury when surrounded by enemies will become your boon, as your skin erupts into acidic venom that slaughters your foes as their skin burns and their hearts freeze with paralysis. Not even the deep armour of dreadnaught or predator can stop the acidic burn of your explosive skin.

    You will be victorious. You will be both the God and Bringer of Death. You are Tyranid. Your swarm is endless, every summoning of your brood merely a whisk of your talons, meaningless to your ability to execute. You are forever.

    This build is a phenomenally easy one to play so long as you don’t go and get yourself stuck in a situation you can’t recover from. Your genestealer’s deaths will render you invulnerable, and while they live, they will renew your life. You can take on any enemy at all in hand to hand combat, with the exception of the most powerful melee enemies. You will feel indomitable, but don’t get too excited. With Crushing Talons, you will be performing critical special attacks at a 30% rate, combined with poison cysts this causes you to do a massive amount of melee range AoE damage.

    So long as you have bio-feedback and genestealers and synapse, you can keep yourself invulnerable for long periods of time. You want your minions to die as often as possible, re-summoning them also renews your shield. The best situation is letting your minions die one by one then renewing all three when the last one is left alive, this keeps your shield up 100% of the time but is very difficult to pull off. If your minions all die at once you’ll have approximately 3 seconds of downtime without a shield and you will die quickly if surrounded by high power melee foes. Your poison cyst explosion is the best solution for any damage here.

    Your third accessory is your choice, and there’s multiple to choose from all with varying use. The best choice is Explosive decomposition, not only will your minions increase damage just by your resummoning of them, as they explode AND make you invulnerable, but it also increases your HP, thus increasing your poison ability even further as it does half your HP in damage. Other choices are Toxin Sacs, increasing your damage (frankly combat master from implant attacks isn’t as virulent) and your minions HP or Psychic Scream, so you can survive even longer in melee combat.

    The best combination here is an Ork Mekboy and an Eldar Farseer. The Ork needs the boss pole to provide you with 100 hp, increasing your poiison cyst damage ridiculously, as well as explosive decomposition. Eldar needs to provide you with Fortune, to reduce your damage taken by massive amounts, almost making you undefeatable in any situation. A chaos sorcerer with master summoning that makes a clone of the clone of you, you’ll find, also creates a tremendously powerful tank that if lasts until wave 20 will help you immensely.

    This build is well worth a go and I get a little bit excited about it.

  80. Yellow Ork says:

    If your looking for a high socre set-up
    This is a fun setup it won’t work everytime you should get a good kill count and if you remember that the most inportant thing is to stay alive you should get 20mil as a score. You can make it harder if you drop evolution for an elitle token +5%. (But i suggest lot’s of practice before you try that. )
    Venom Cannon
    Bonded Exoskeleton
    Toxin Sacs
    Ravener Nest
    Tyrant Guard Nest
    you need to play with at lest one none narc deathless chao better with two or orc with boss pole/ big shooter/ tele is cool to.
    Stand in the middle and shot, as the big hitter need to take out the bigger units. you may need to run around a bit on lev 12 if so let your ravener do the killing for your. On 16 hide from the enemy chao let the clones do the work. 17, 18 and 19 stand in the middle chao run and hide as required but keep your clones in the middle. 20 stand back and kill a few of the little one let the clones do all the hard work. one small point chao needs to have deathless this way when the clones health runs down they get recharged and do double damage for a short time..ha ha have fun

  81. ultrasloth7 says:

    Who doesn’t love builds, so I got a fresh one for all to try
    Tyrant Sacrificer

    Weapon: Heavy Talons
    Armor: Toxic Cysts (plan on kiting… a lot)
    Acc: Genestealers (just trust me)
    Acc: Bio Feedback (now it’s staring to make sense)
    Acc: Explosive Decomposition (get it now?)

    Comm:Synapse (lets you spam genestealers)

    Okay, so the name of the game here mis kite and spam. True genestealers die easily, but thats what makes this so great. When you summon them both explosive decomposition and bio feedback trigger. Then, when each individual genestealer dies, they trigger yet again. So your game is mainly going to be kiting while forcing your enemies to walk through clouds of toxic (from your cysts)all whilst smacking them in the face with genestealers that act like living bombs, and provide you invulnerability. The best part is that synapse allows you to do this
    with impunity thanks to such low energy costs. However, as with any kite build you need teamwork to get this running. Wherever possible have your team try and drag them through your cysts. Above all else avoid plasma marines, they are a game ender unless you spam genestealers right in their faces, in which case they will turn to fight them only to be blown to pieces seconds later. ENJOY!

  82. Gravecat says:

    Finally got around to updating the list. Thanks for all the info, ’tis much appreciated! 🙂

  83. Toyi says:

    Explosive Decomposition – level 16 – Grants Minion Trait “Death Throes” (A toxic cloud erupts upon death of any minion creature, damaging enemies in a large area. The higher the minion creature’s maximum Health, the greater the damage done), +20 Minion Creature Health, +50 Health.

    Reinforced Chitin – level 17 – +80 Minion Creature Armor, +25 Health, Grants Traits “Fearless” (Immune to suppression), “Unshakable” (Makes the wearer immune to knockback) and “Reactive armor” (Hive Tyrant temporarily gains +10 Armor each time he is attacked, up to a maximum of +300 Armor), -14% Movement Speed.

    Ravener Nest – level 18 – Grants Ability “Call Ravaner”

    High-Toxin Venom Cannon – level 19 – Two-handed ranged weapon, 5.7 dps. Grants Traits “Zealous Leadership” (Attacks with the Hive Tyrant’s venom cannon heal all his minions for 5% of their maximum Health) and “Area of Effect” (Attacks from this weapon deal damage over a small area)

    Evolution – level 20 – +2 Health Regeneration, grants
    Minion Traits “Resilent” (+50 Health and +2 Health Regeneration), “Swift” (+25% Movement Speed) and “Combat Expert” (+25% melee and ranged damage).

    *Note: every tyrant armor, except the Articulated Caparace, gives a negative bonus of 14% movement speed, thus it’d be noted as -14% mov speed.

  84. Gravecat says:

    Excellent, thankyou. :3 I’ll update the list when this tequila gets out of my system.

  85. wolfofmibu66 says:

    Just got it this morning so i can tell you with certainty, the Synapse ability unlocks at level 15.

  86. Gravecat says:

    Aha. Anything on the “unconfirmed or unknown” list is just based on the scraps I’ve gathered so far and not personally confirmed, so it’s a little shaky at best. Seems it was more inaccurate than I thought. 😉

    Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ll adjust the list shortly. 🙂

  87. Tsenzei says:

    Just wanted to clarify a few things:
    1: “The Horror” is not an item, it’s an ability granted by Articulated Carapace.
    2: “Synapse”, despite the description, only reduces energy costs of abilities, not cooldowns. (50% reduction, rounded up)

    Happy Gaming.

  88. UppityCarpet says:

    Thanks for the info, helped out.

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