June 17th, 2016: Runestar devlog 17/6/16
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Game version: 0.29.7f (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 13,235 (+507)
Lines of JSON data: 6,996 (+135)

Nothing much to report this week; I spent most of the week off code as I needed a break, and the last couple of days’ of work have been stuff that’s just not interesting to read about: code cleanups and refactors, bug-fixing, that sort of thing.

The major improvements include a new universal save-file system (from this point on, a save from any version of the game will work with any future version of the game, though weird shit might happen if you try to use it on an older game version), an archetype selection screen to determine starting gear and bonus skills, and a snazzy loading screen. Aside from that, very little to report this week. Things should be more interesting next update!

June 11th, 2016: Runestar devlog 11/6/16
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Game version: 0.27.4d (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 12,728 (+1,140)
Lines of JSON data: 6,861 (+1,854)

Another Saturday, another weekly devlog! There’s been a whole bunch of changes and improvements to the project this week, and as always, I’ll skip over the boring stuff that nobody cares about (bug fixes, code refactors, engine fixes) and focus on the fun things:

  • [0.25.14a] Slowed the respawn time of NPCs right down, it was a bit crazy before (mostly for testing purposes). This still needs to be tweaked more in future, but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • [0.25.14j] Crunched all the audio files used by the game down into a single .fox file, rather than having dozens of loose .ogg files. Okay, not the most exciting feature, but I’m proud of it.
  • [0.25.15a] Different ranged weapons now use a much larger variety of different reload sounds, rather than the generic pistol-clip reload sound. Also, renamed the project to Runestar, a move which I’m very pleased with.
  • [0.25.16a] Added a HUD icon for reloading, showing both when a reload is in progress, and when one is needed (i.e. one of your ranged weapons has no ammo left).
  • [0.25.17a] Added water sources from which water containers such as canteens and flasks can be refilled.
  • [0.25.18a] Added disease which hampers health regeneration, can be contracted by drinking unclean water or eating raw meat.
  • [0.25.19a] Added water purification tablets, which can attempt to purify unclean water with varying levels of success depending on the quality of the tablets.
  • [0.25.20a] Added antibiotics, which can be taken to combat the effects of disease.
  • [0.25.22a] Adjusted plasma weaponry so that it can occasionally backfire, damaging its user. This isn’t strictly a nerf, as plasma weapons were always intended to have this effect, and have a higher overall damage output to compensate for the risk.
  • [0.25.23a] Added a black market vendor who sells all sorts of things you won’t be able to find elsewhere, though at an extremely inflated price.
  • [0.25.24a] You can now butcher corpses for raw meat. There is currently no way to cook this meat (that’s coming soon), but it can be eaten raw.
  • [0.26.0a] Finally added a respawn system. Death is no longer the end; now the player will drop all their equipment, inventory and money on the ground (don’t worry, NPCs won’t steal it and it won’t despawn) and respawn naked and at half health in a cloning facility.
  • [0.26.1a] Added a fast food vendor type, starting with Pickle’s Place finally now being able to sell the player food.
  • [0.26.2a] Populated Ascension Tower (the cloning facility) with NPCs and a medical shop.
  • [0.27.0a ~ 0.27.2b] Finally, finally added an armour/clothing system which provides varying levels of protection from damage, and clothed all the existing NPCs in the city.
  • [0.27.4a ~ 0.27.4d] Another one that’s been a long time coming — finally implemented the loot system, with enemies dropping semi-random items.

June 4th, 2016: Runestar devlog 4/6/16: weekly update
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Game version: 0.25.13d (pre-alpha)
Lines of C++ code: 11,588 (+1,378)
Lines of JSON data: 5,007 (+1,312)

Well. It’s been a while since my last devlog, due largely in part to my decision to slow the updates down to once-per-week summaries of the development so far. As you can see from the numbers above, things are coming along nicely, though I’m sure those of you reading this are more interested in specifics.

Without further ado, and roughly in chronological order of development (skipping over boring things like bug fixes, code cleanup, etc.):

  • [0.23.9a] Added bandages of various qualities, which can be used to heal some damage when used outside of combat.
  • [0.23.9b] Standardized the colours of various in-game messages, to make it easier to distinguish at a glance between informative, positive and negative things happening.
  • [0.23.10a] The flee command is no longer instant; instead, it causes the player to stop attacking and to seek a break in the combat in order to escape. Fans of JRPGs will already be very familiar with this, and love it or hate it, I decided it was the best fit for the game without allowing the flee command to be a sort of “get out of jail free card”.
  • [0.24.0a ~ 0.24.4a] These updates were largely focused on adding loot lists (and a lot more loot items) to the game. Enemies still don’t actually drop loot yet (aside from their weapons), but this is due to change very soon. The actual code under the hood is about 95% of the framework to make loot and shops work.
  • [0.24.5a] Added commands to see what loot/items corpses contain, and to take only specific items from said corpses. Before, looting was an all-or-nothing affair.
  • [0.24.6a] Added a new hauling skill, which determines the player’s ability to carry heavy objects. The base max-carry weight has been boosted a fair amount, and by carrying a heavy load around, you can increase that limit even further as the hauling skill increases.
  • [0.24.8a] Added a medical skill, which increases when using medical items (currently, only bandages exist) and boosts their effectiveness.
  • [0.24.9a] Added a mercantile skill, which allows the player to get more money when they sell items to shops, and levels up from nontrivial transactions. Wait, did I just say shops? That’s right…
  • [0.25.1a] Shops! There are now different types of NPC vendors who will buy and sell a variety of items, along with an auto-restocking inventory.
  • [0.25.11a] Added fortune cookies, because why the hell not, that’s why. The jump in version number is due to a bunch of boring bugfixes and code refactors that you don’t want to read about.
  • [0.25.12a ~ 0.25.12c] Quality of life door improvements, such as automatically attempting to open the door when you move in the direction of a closed door.
  • [0.25.13a] Stealth! This one was a lot of fun to work on. You can attempt to move silently whenever there’s nobody around to see, and sneak around. If you manage to attack an NPC or monster without being detected, you get a bonus sneak attack which gives 100% hit rate and 100% critical strike rate. Not too shabby! However, if you’re detected by a hostile foe or fail the sneak attack, the enemy will get an attack of opportunity which gives them the 100% hit/100% crit strike instead. Your stealth skill can improve your odds of success, but all NPCs and enemies have their own hidden awareness skill which varies.
  • [0.25.13b ~ 0.25.13d] Boring bugfixes and things.

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