December 21st, 2015: More blog content coming very soon!
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Did you think we had forgotten?

Despite a frankly embarrassing amount of addiction recently as I’ve sunk back into the inescapable tar-pit that is World of Warcraft, I’m still alive and kicking and still have a lot of things I want to post on this blog! Things have just been a bit overwhelming lately, as is usually the case for me in mid-late December, and with obligations and other stresses, this blog has kinda fallen to the sidelines.

But don’t worry, pals: I’ll be updating here again very soon.

I didn’t think I’d be making another World of Warcraft RP server-related post again so soon, but oh dear lord this situation needed to be chronicled. I speak of my encounter with the edgiest of edge-lords, “Zorn Bloodmaw”, and my swiftly-diminishing patience with his RP power-play/would-be rape scene. Oh yes, you read that right, and I’m still rolling my eyes so hard I’m afraid I’m never going to be able to see straight again. Ladies and gents, I give you… Zorn Bloodmaw, whose guild name I forget, but it was something really cringe like <Crimson Ripper>.

I’d check, but by the time I got around to starting this blog post, he’d already logged off, probably to have a sob-wank.

That’s when you use your salty, salty emo tears to–okay, let’s just move on with the profile, shall we?

So there I am, minding my own business in Duskwood, being a fairly rad-looking level 26 worgen rogue, when I notice a large male worgen not far behind me. I’m on a main road, so whatever, I keep going, he can say something if he wants my attention. A little ways further down the road and off the side, he whispers me saying to stop, so I’m like… sure, I’m not doing anything too important, if he wants to do some RP then I’m down with that. Somewhat concerned by his edgy profile, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Things take a downhill turn very rapidly, and it’s pretty clear that his intentions are rapey. (And I mean this because his character explicitly stated as much, but it’s scrolled off the chat-log so I can’t screenshot it.) So, still trying to be polite and all, I mention OOC (Out Of Character) that I’m not interested in sexy-times RP, so don’t even bother. That’s when a well-dressed human and gnome duo show up from nowhere, clearly in the midst of their own storyline, but seeing someone who looked to be in trouble, they stopped by to offer some aid. I’ll long-and-short this by saying that negotiations went poorly, spells were cast and things got hairy, and my worgen captor god-moded his way out of things as I should have expected. My patience is running out at this point, but I’m new to this server so I thought I’d at least try to be civil.

Dragged off into the night by my worgen attacker, I once more gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that I’d made myself fairly clear and that maybe he had something else in mind now. After all, I’d been running around killing spiders and mining tin ore all day, it was interesting to get involved in some actual RP on the RP server; that’s what I was there for, of course. So I try to be polite, my patience wearing fairly thin now.

A few sentences later, and I realized I was talking to a horny brick wall. This is fairly normal for me; I’m involved in the furry fandom, after all. I spend a lot of my time surrounded by horny idiots, and I’m quite comfortable with telling them where to shove it. I’m still trying to be civil, however — I’m a newcomer to this server, not wanting to make enemies.

Rule #1 of horny idiots: They don’t listen.

Oh for fucks sake. I give up. Judging by his character profile, this is likely some weedy teenage furry in real life, trying to get his rocks off in World of Warcraft, of all places. Still remaining mostly civil — if only because using offensive language can be reported to Blizzard — I decided it’s about time to give him one more parting gift before adding the second person to my in-game block-list.

Now, does anyone have any gauze? I think I cut my hand on something, and it’s really annoying me.

December 3rd, 2015: Presented without comment
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I’ve been terribly neglectful and ignored this blog for a few days, but today I found something to mention that wouldn’t quite fit into the confines of Twitter. Ever since my roommate got me interested in a World of Warcraft RP server (since I’ve been long-since burned out on the game itself), I’ve spent the last couple of days futzing about a little, getting settled in, starting to put a decent-looking set of gear together, and so on. And then I’m minding my own business, wandering through Stormwind — not interacting with anyone aside from literally walking through town — when I get these whispers.

This was her(?) RP profile on MRP.

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