Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Space Marine Captain)
Last updated by Gravecat on October 26th, 2011.

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Because I couldn’t find a complete, accurate list of all the wargear and when it unlocks in Dawn of War II’s Last Stand mode, I’m creating my own in the hopes that it’ll prove useful to others someday. 🙂 If you find these lists useful or have any corrections to make, just drop me a comment at the bottom of the page. Feedback is always appreciated! I have personally verified everything up to level 16, other details are courtesy of friends and commenters.  Thanks to Pika, YoYoDominoYo, PLAsmamAn, and Beelzebot for helping to complete the list. 🙂


Bolt Pistol
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps.

Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 7.6 dps.

Power Armor
Default armor. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 62.

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 21.8 dps. +0.3 Energy Regeneration. Grants Ability: Blind Grenade (10: Stun enemy targets in an area on detonation.)

Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol
Starting equipment

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps. +1.5 Health Regeneration.

Master-Crafted Chainsword
Starting equipment

One-handed melee weapon, 12.3 dps. Grants Trait: Zealous (The Captain regains 10 health every time he strikes with his chainsword.)

Armor of Resilience
Starting equipment

Armor Rating 128. Grants Trait: Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Rite of Fortitude
Starting equipment

Accessory. +75 Health.

Rite of Swift Victory
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: Victory Charge (10: Charge to a specified location with the chapter’s vigor, smashing through objects and knocking enemies back.)

Oath of Merciless Rage
Unlocks at level 2

Accessory. Grants Ability: Merciless Strike (15: Lash out at a specified target with an explosive short-range melee attack.)

Plasma Pistol
Unlocks at level 3

One-handed ranged weapon, 3.5 dps. Grants Traits: Corroding (Targets hit with the plasma pistol have their armor reduced for a short duration), Combat Expert (+30% Melee and Ranged damage.)

Parable of the Stalwart Brother
Unlocks at level 4

Accessory. +1.5 Health Regeneration.

Larraman’s Blessing
Unlocks at level 5

Commander Item. Grants Trait: Healing Aura (+2 Health Regeneration for all nearby allies.)

Litanies of Hate
Unlocks at level 6

Accessory. Grants Ability: Taunt Target (3: Force a targeted enemy to engage the Space Marine, drawing fire from their allies.)

Power Axe
Unlocks at level 7

One-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants Trait: Armor Piercing (Strikes from the Power Axe ignore up to 100 armor value.)

Jump Pack
Unlocks at level 8

Accessory. Grants Ability: Assault Jump (15: Soar through the air and land at target location knocking back nearby units.)

Armor of Vengeance
Unlocks at level 9

Armor Rating: 208. Grants Trait: Reactive Strike (Chance when the Captain is hit by a melee attack to damage and knockback the attacker.)

Rite of the Tireless Crusader
Unlocks at level 10

Accessory. Grants Ability: Revive (30: Revive a fallen comrade with full health and temporary invulnerability.)

Plasma Gun
Unlocks at level 11

Two-handed ranged weapon, 22.6 dps. Grants Ability: Hellfire Grenade (15: An area-of-effect attack with low-medium damage distributed evenly across the entire area. This damage ignores a significant amount of armor.) Grants Trait: Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Plasma Gun ignore up to 100 armor value.)

Terror of Xenos
Unlocks at level 12

Accessory. Grants Ability: Fearsome Shout (35: Cause all nearby enemies to retreat.)

Artificer Armor
Unlocks at level 13

Armor rating: 162, +50 Health, +25 Energy.

Litanies of Zeal
Unlocks at level 14

Accessory. Grants Trait: Zealous Leadership (Melee attacks heal all nearby allies for 5 health.)

Dreadnought Drop Pod
Unlocks at level 15

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Call Dreadnought (50: Deliver a Dreadnought by drop pod.) Can only have one Dreadnought active at a time.

Plasma Cannon
Unlocks at level 16

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants Traits: Knockback (Blasts from the Plasma Cannon will knock down enemy infantry units), Heavy (Using a Heavy weapon requires a short setup period before firing and, once setup, a teardown period before the unit can move again), Area of Effect (Attacks from this weapon deal damage over a large area.) Cannot use Jump Pack with this weapon.

Armor of Foritude
Unlocks at level 17

Armor Rating: 144, +2.5 Health Regeneration.

Frag Grenades
Unlocks at level 18

Accessory. Supplies Frag Grenades which are an Area-of-effect attack with damage much higher the closer a target is to the central impact point knocks down surviving victims.

Feel No Pain
Unlocks at level 19

Accessory. Restore health to a nearby targeted ally.

Orbital Targeting Beacon
Unlocks at level 20

Commander Item. Grants the ability to call in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units.

Lightning Claw
Unlocked by achievement “The Warrior Born” (Achieve 350 kills in a single match as the Space Marine Captain)

One-handed melee weapon, 10.0 dps. Grants Trait: Lightning Damage.

Thunder Hammer
Unlocked by achievement “Fury of the Primarchs” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Space Marine Captain)

Two-handed melee weapon, 15.0 dps. Grants Traits: Vehicle Stun, Knockback.

Inscribed Combat Shield
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Shield (uses one-handed ranged weapon slot), +25 Armor Rating, +25 Health. Grants Trait: Shield Block (Incoming ranged damage reduced by 25%.)

Sacred Relic Armor
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Armor Rating: 135. Grants Traits: Melee Expert (Melee damage increased by 15%), Crushing Blows (Melee attacks deal additional damage in an area around the attacker.)

118 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Space Marine Captain)”

  1. lordgnu says:

    I am using and got a lot of sucess with :

    – Plasma Gun

    -Artificer Armor

    – Rite of the Tireless Crusader
    – Jump Pack
    – Parable of the Stalwart Brother

    -Dreadnought Drop Pod

    You can shoot on the move, use your grenade for AOE, let the dreadnought tank, move away from big wave with the jump pack and resurect your team with parable of the stalwart brother. This build is a good all around range.

  2. Clockwork says:

    These are 2 of the best builds in my opinion :

    – 1st one, for a ranged SM that top 10 players (especially cloning sorcerers) love to meet in non-retribution :
    Plasma gun

    Armor of vengeance

    Rite of fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Jump Pack

    Larraman’s Blessing (tougher)/Dreadnought Drop Pod (Meat shield)

    You can easily do every wave alone up to wave 16, except for wave 14 where Raveners will finish you off, if your friends doesn’t help you to kill them (before dying).

    – 2nd one, for a melee SM in retribution in Bloody Arena, for both DPS and tank (wave 16 can be done really easily with this, if you’re a Tactical Genius) :
    Lightning Claw
    Plasma Pistol

    Armor of vengeance

    Rite of fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Jump Pack

    Larraman’s Blessing

    Now with this one, you can do every wave alone, except for wave 20 where again you’ll need to be a Tactical Genius to win in a team way.

  3. spacethunder says:

    Mark have you tried going to the left side of the map were the pilars go up and down ther stand on the pilar when it is down but close to the right clif and make sure your foot is on it and when it goes up move your player into the rivine (right clif ) then go to the building at the bottom of te map right and stand next to it then go in it and exit then go to the pilars and stand between the rocks but were any armour that resists knockback

  4. fitnesscreators says:

    ranged build
    plasma cannon
    artificer armor
    rite of fortitude
    terror of the zenos(beacuse your character will get swarmed all the time.)
    feel no pain
    dreadnought: for all those bad guys coming from behind/bombardment: just beacuse.

  5. fitnesscreators says:

    Or insted of the blessing i do dreadnought drop pod as command

  6. fitnesscreators says:

    Do this as a build:
    power axe
    master crafted boltpistol
    rite of fortitutde
    llarmans blessing
    jump pack
    artificer armor

  7. Chibi Assassin says:

    Little guide I’ve been putting together http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=269348257

  8. asd says:

    Thanks for the lists – been using them for a couple of years (on and off) and they are much appreciated! 🙂

  9. Deadops Rarity says:

    Good idea for space marines that want to live longer to get more kills

    Lightning claws(350 kills 1 match)
    Bolt pistol Health regen 1.5

    Sacred relic Good hp

    Litanies of zeal
    Parable of stelwart brother Health regen 1.5
    Jump pack

    Larramens blessing

  10. Patchling86 says:

    I dont have a slot left for my thunder hammer as i am almost near the acheivement being 40 kills left, where will it go? Cause i really want to use it when I’ve done the achievment

  11. FigNewtonGuy says:

    A good combo of classes are:
    -The Captain, to heavily hit the enemies using a combo of melee and ranged
    -Shas’o’Commander, using ranged weapons to support the Captain
    -Farseer to support with health and armor

  12. sgtcat says:

    Thanks btw I found this really useful. I still don’t understand why they don’t just put something like this on their website or something

  13. -SoL- Justice says:

    What everyone says is that the combat shield pairs well with the lightning claws which is true but what is also true is that the plasma pistol pairs amazingly with it and the setup is this-

    Lighting claws, Plasma Pistol

    Armor of Vengeance

    Jump Pack
    Rite of Fortitude
    Feel No Pain

    Dreadnought Drop Pod/Larraman’s Blessing

  14. Zorro says:

    +1 to jjchen372’s build. I’m not sure about laramans blessing or dreadnought. While the dreadnought is a killing machine if you move/jump around alot it will be following you and not attacking.

  15. jjchen372 says:

    I use this build

    Lighting claws
    Combat shield

    Sacred relic

    Jump pack
    Rite of fortitude
    Litanies of zeal

    Commander item:
    Laramans blessing or dreadnought

  16. Cubano says:

    Captain is the only true tank among all other characters and he is really good at it.

    Master-Crafter Chainsword (because it heals)
    Inscribed Combat Shield (for more health, armor and range damage resistance)

    Armor of Vengeance (because he will be swarmed by melee fighters all the time)

    Rite of Fortitude
    Jump Pack (used to engage and disengage from the enemy)
    Litanies of Hate (a key to be called a tank)

    Commander iteam:
    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    Taunt all melee units that enter the battlefield and some shooters (just not too many, your companions can also take some hits). When your party clears most of the smaller units, taunt the bigger ones like Eldar walkers, Carnifexes and run around the battlefield allowing your party members to shoot them down.
    If your companions know what they are doing you should get to wave16 with ease. If they don’t what they are doing then go with some more focused on dealing damage character.

    Best use with:
    Tau, Orc, Lord General shoot down the Xenos.

    Unable to deal with heavy units, weapon platforms. You have to rely on your companions to do this.

  17. Ckwicko says:

    Here’s a fun tank build I like to use

    Master crafted chainsword
    Inscribed combat shield

    Artificer armour

    Litanies of zeal
    Parable of the stalwart brother/jump pack
    Rite of fortitude

    Commander item:
    Dreadnought/laramans blessing/orbital bombardment

    Basically if your taking blessing get jump pack for using up your energy but if not then use your energy for bombardments/dreadnought and just run around and laugh as nothing can kill you

  18. Som3On3 says:

    The best group build is Captain – tank class taking on everything, Mecboy – using telebomb to explode the large groups of infantry, Farseer – supporting your team and teleporting everyone away for safety, you should finish wave 20 with this.

  19. Mark says:

    I love that this blog is still attracting posts. Having level 20’d all my characters ages ago, I have recently returned to the game trying to elite all the characters. I tried the walk off the screen cheat [@Lightof mask] but could not manage it. Has anyone else done it?My favourite build for the Captain is probably already well travelled:

    Lightning Claw
    Mastercrafted Bolt pistol
    Armor of Resiliance (if you are not on you feet you are not hitting and recovering HP)
    Rite of Fortitude
    Litanies of Zeal
    Jump Pack
    Larramans Blessing
    Perhaps like others I find it difficult to call my dreadnaught and zip about on my Jump pack on the higher levels.

    Is there a blog page for lvl 20 Bloodied Coliseum tactics? I keep getting wasted by my double+Lictor+all the other nasties and only seem to succeed (with only 2 or 3 exceptions) when there is a powerful Farseer in the team.

  20. NotLaw365 says:

    Similar to Eagle11’s build The only change is the Shield. Got me Past 20 on Anvil numerous times.

    Lightning Claw
    Inscribed Combat Shield
    Armor of Vengeance
    Parable of the Stalwart brother
    Litanies of Zeal
    Jump Pack
    Larramans Blessing

  21. Aylin says:


    I did it with level 15 gear.

    Plasma Gun
    Armour of Vengeance
    Rite of Fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Jump Pack
    Dreadnought (only thing you don’t have yet)

    I’ve tried it a couple of times with Larraman’s Blessing, but it’s just not as good. The build can take out both light targets (grenades from the gun) and heavy targets. The dreadnought keeps things off of you and kills things pretty effectively as well.

  22. ShadowBlaze2337 says:

    Can someone give me some tips for getting 350 kills in a match at level 13 and is DLC worth it?

  23. eric says:

    dont judge buddy

  24. Lightofmask says:

    There IS a good build for the plasma cannon actually…
    But it only works on the bloodied colosseum :/
    Plasma cannon
    artificier armor
    Rite of Swift Victory
    Rite of the Tireless Crusader
    Feel no Pain
    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    There is a glitch that you can use that requires the dreadnought drop pod.
    It’s quite hard to make, but it’s worth it once you’re OUT OF THE MAP.
    What you need to do is go on the bottom left side of the map, wait for the door to open, go right near the ravine and spawn the dreadnought in the opposite direction, but in a way that allows you to be knocked back. When you are on the ground, click IN the ravine. Your Space marine will nicely walk in the air and join the right place. Then you go south, to the building wich can be garnisoned. You get behind it, then into it, and then again go out. It will make you higher.
    Once all that is done, you can make easy kills while protecting your allies with the heal and revive ability. Because you’re out of the range of ennemies, they can’t shoot at you and kill you, but they’re still in yours (the range for the plasma cannon is awesome for that).
    Note:if you die during the “god walk in the air”, you’ll just be brought back in the arena, and you’ll be able to be saved 😉

    It also works with the Lord General (equiped with the sniper), but then again you need the dreadnought Drop pod.

    It’s not easy to go out of the map, but it’s possible 😉
    the Right of Swift victory is just there to help you tearing down for as long as you’re still in the arena 😉

  25. Tsenzei says:

    I actually kind of like Frag Grenades… but I don’t think I’d use them alongside Hellfire Grenades. Energy is too limited to be able to consistently use both at (near) the same time, so there’s not much point in having both, especially since you’re relying on the Jetpack to stay alive rather than having a bit more regen/health from the suggested Seals.

    I haven’t really used Oath, but I wouldn’t use it alongside grenades either for the same reasons, especially if you want to make use of Orbital Strike.

  26. Alien Gamer says:

    Thanks for the feedback Hello Moto, but like i said i haven’t played the space marine much and i just wanted to see if the build would work. But i’m glad you gave me the info. 🙂

  27. Hello_M0to says:

    Frag grenades are useless and oath of merciless rage is only useful when combined with a melee weapon and/or melee-centric build. It is counter-intuitive to pair up a ranged weapon (plasma gun) with a melee AOE ability. Besides, you’ve already got the hellfire grenade ability so why the need for frags too?!

    Switch out frags and oath of merciless rage for some purity seals like rite of fortitude and parable of stalwart brother.

    heck, I’ve seen competent players decimate the Anvil of Khorne map with nothing but the clever use of bolter (+0.3 energy regen), an articificer armor build + orbital bombardment.

  28. Alien Gamer says:

    I haven’t tried this build because i haven’t leveled up the space marine yet but i think it would be good for doing mass aoe damage.

    Plasma Gun: for Hellire grenade (aoe damage)

    Artificer Armor: For ability spamming and decent survival.

    Oath of Merciless Rage: for merciless strike (aoe damage)
    Frag Grenades: (aoe damage)
    Jump pack: for escape.

    Orbital Targeting Beacon: (MASSIVE aoe damage)

    Not sure if that is an optimal build but is sounds fun to me. If anyone is willing to try it and tell me the results that would be much appreciated. Otherwise i’ll just try it for my self when I get the time. 😉

  29. Gian-Luca says:

    i was goin throgh with some builds and i made this one up
    u should be able to survive till wave 15-16 in the bloodied colesseo and wave 8 in the anvil. (hope this helps)!

    Power axe.

    Combat shield (if not cause that is dlc) use plasma pistol.

    Armour of vengance or Armour of Fortitude (for 2.5 regen).

    Jump Pack.

    Parable of the stallwart brother.

    and the revive (red one)that lets u revive other players and gives em imortality for 10 secs.

    Laramans Blessing. (Eagle11 was on the right track) 🙂

  30. Eagle11 says:

    Lightning Claw
    Mastercrafted Bolt pistol
    Armor of Vengeance
    Parable of the Stalwart brother
    Litanies of Zeal
    Jump Pack
    Larramans Blessing

    High attack rate paired with zealous leadership keeps you up in addition to massive +5 hp regen and wih captain’s best armor. The lightning dot applied from claw helps with everything but be careful to not tank multiple heavies at once or melee swarms.
    Everything is even better if you have an Ork with Boss pole behind you that doubles your health.

  31. Matte says:

    My best combo so far is.

    Chainsword + Bolt pistol (Use Plasma for more damage and less tankyness)

    Armor of Vengeance

    Rite of Fortitude
    Litanies of Zeal
    Jump Pack (Your way of escaping once damage is overwhelming)

    Larraman’s Blessing

    Switch Larraman’s blessing for Dreadnought and Sword/Pistol for Thunderhammer for some meele funtime, especially versus the Wraitlords on wave 12.
    I lol’d loudly when I chainstunned them.

  32. The Ringo Neko says:

    The awarded wargear is in Retribution’s Last Stand only, Its not in DOW2/Chaos Rising.

  33. ninjasheep says:

    yeah i had the same problem, not even sure where i can check it atm #:L

  34. Not new says:

    About the awarded wargear, with Captain killed more than 2.500 and nothing,got 350 kills, nothing. Man really had high hopes for these items. Is this dawn of war chaos rising and dawn of war 2 Last stand, or retribution?

  35. Gonzo says:

    It’s absolutely awesome!

  36. Aylin says:


    I’ve had moderate success in TBC with this:

    Plasma Cannon
    Armour of Resilience/Armour of Fortitude
    Rite of Fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother/Rite of Swift Victory
    Terror of Xenos
    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    I haven’t tried this once since I got Retribution, but in the base game Rite of Swift Victory would let you move without having to first teardown your weapon, so it gave you some more mobility. Terror of Xenos and the Dreadnought help keep melee foes off of you.

    The reason I say “moderate success” is because it really depends on what your teammates do. I found it worked best when holed up in one of the little alleys with your teammates, since then all the enemies would be packed close together and your weapon would take out huge chunks of them with every shot.

    On the other hand, with your low mobility (even with Rite of Swift Victory), if your position is overrun and Terror of Xenos doesn’t affect all your enemies…you’re likely to die.

  37. BenzKA says:

    Any good build with plasma cannon so far?

  38. Luke Angelos says:

    guys do the achievement wargears get unlocked on chaos rising??? because i killed 400 guys in one game with my space marine captain in dawn of war 2 but still didnt get the achievement or the wargear, same gos for hammer, so do i need chaos rising expansion to unlock the achievement wargears???

  39. Arcane Azmadi says:

    The Lightning Claw and the Thunder Hammer are the best examples in the game of how imbalanced The Last Stand actually is. The Lightning Claw is an AMAZING piece of kit, possibly the best weapon in the game, capable of eating entire squads in seconds, while the Thunder Hammer is basically worthless. Even its ability to stun vehicles and monstrous creatures doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s a 2-handed weapon (the Captain gets great off-hand items) with mediocre DPS.

  40. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Aylin From what I’ve found the Thunder Hammer generally isn’t very good (or even worth using) on Colosseum. On Anvil, however, is where it really shines. The damage may not be as high as, say, the Lightning Claw, but it will give you significantly more standing power because of the vehicle stun; and, contrary to what you might think, the stun applies to monstrous creatures and their ilk as well. Imagine my surprise when I was on Anvil, running for my life from the Avatar of Khaine when the Captain jumps behind him, smacks him with the hammer and turns this engine of death into a punching bag.

  41. Aylin says:

    Anyone have a good build for the hammer? I unlocked it today but it doesn’t seem to be as good as the Lightning Claws…

  42. BloodCri says:

    using the Relic Armor + Lightning Claw/Inscribed Combat Shield makes you do insane amounts of DPS. Litanies of Zeal and Rite of Fortitude (or Parable of the Stalwart Brother) will increase your survivability hugely. Then take the dreadnaught.

    This build allows you to obliterate swarms of enemies and in addition the extra lignting damage you do can cause a dent in larger enemies too. Just watch out for high AP weapons.

  43. Arcane Azmadi says:

    How much “additional damage” does the Sacred Relic Armour do with Crushing Blows anyway? Is it a percentage of your attack damage (making it good with strong but slow weapons like the Power Axe) or is it a flat damage per hit (making it terrible with the Power Axe but great with weak but fast weapons like the Master-Crafted Chainsword)?

  44. Gravecat says:

    List updated. Thanks for the screenshot. 🙂

  45. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @TubeYou.Com When I do use it it’s normally based on what class my teammates have (if there’s a Sorcerer or a Lord General I might, depending on their build; if there’s both, I figuratively flip a coin between it and Taunt). If it’s really an issue, there’s ways to loophole that ability on Wave 16: tell your allies to focus fire your doppelganger, since he can’t revive when he’s dead; or just nail the squishy over and over, since he can only do it so much at once, and if the com’s spending all of its juice on reviving (which I’ve noticed they tend to do) they’re locked out of their actives (if any) and have to rely on their (admittedly formidable) passives.

    Even if you have good teammates, though, there are times when they’ll go down and you need to get them back up in a hurry (in my experience, normally on Anvil where you’d otherwise have to wade through a sea of bloodletters and the Emperor knows what else to get them back up). Additionally, if they’re just bad teammates, there’s a high chance they’ll just drop again after the invulnerability wears off and they’re better left until the end of the wave when you’re just mopping up.

    Of course, it really just comes down to a matter of preference. Do you want to have a little insurance to help get you out of a tough spot, or do you want something else you might think is more important?

  46. TubeYou.Com says:

    hey guys, I never use The reviving abbillitie, cause level 16 will be as hell.
    your clones only ise it -.-

    so never use it unless you have bad team mates.

  47. Kip says:

    I cant see that achievement in list and i got.over 4000 kills with space marine

  48. Aylin says:

    You need to have the Retribution expansion pack for those I’m pretty sure.

  49. PhobicTundra483 says:

    Is the achievement list at the bottom accurate? Cause for my captain i have over 5,000 kills and I dont have a hammer.

  50. Aylin says:

    The SM build I’ve been using a lot is this:

    Plasma Gun
    Armour of Vengeance
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Rite of Fortitude
    Jump Pack
    Dreadnaught Drop Pod

    I prefer the Armour of Vengeance to the Artificer Armour because of the higher armour rating. Also I find that the main limiting factor I have with my abilities is my energy regen rate, not my max energy.

    The Dreadnaught I prefer over the Orbital Bombardment because of the continued melee interference the thing runs for you (most of the time). Even on the higher levels it can last for quite a while (especially versus ranged enemies), and when it does die all that damage it soaked up didn’t go to you or your teammates.

  51. DekklinOfDeath says:

    This build regularly gets me to wave 16+. It’s supportive, it’s tanky, and has sufficient damage to take down large units. I find this to be the most useful and well rounded SMC Build.

    Lightning Claws + Shield (take the bolter pistol for greater regen if you dont have the paid DLC)
    Armor of Fortitude (2.5 regen is huge)
    Jump Pack
    Rite of Fortitude (+75HP)
    Purity Seals (Feel no Pain)

    For a solid ranged build, I like

    Plasma Gun (Hellfire Grenades)
    Artificer Armor (HP and Mana)
    Jump Pack
    Terror of the Zenos (your “oh s**t” button)
    Rite of the Tireless Crusader (can be problematic at wave 16, unless you focus yourself first)
    Orbital Bombardment

  52. AcesHigh63 says:

    The Tank Marine:

    (I’m only level 10, so I can imagine this could be tweaked)

    Sword and shield as your weapons

    The Reactive Strike armor

    The extra HP item, the Explosive Strike item, and the Taunt item

    The HP regen aura item

    This class means that you have decent AOE, melee units are next to useless, and you also reduce ranged damage by a respectable amount. Taunt pesky squads off allies, but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew – Under supreme pressure, you’re still a wet paper bag. Co-ordinate your Explosive Strike with other AOE spells or some crowd control. Plus, Taunt is almost arena-wide when in the middle, meaning you can easily save a Point Tower from being taken, provided you’re quick. Your sword and HP regen keep you alive, and you have 67% damage mitigation. Not bad =-P

  53. TerminusVortexa says:

    Jump pack too makes the combo complete, with Parable of the Stalwart Brother ,Feel No Pain,and Rite of Fortitude.

  54. TerminusVortexa says:

    The Claws and Shield with mk III armor rocks. No need for a dreadnought, and the claws are like a grenade every strike.

  55. Alcatrazz says:

    when you upgrade to elite ofc gear unlocked from achivement and DLC stays

    if DLC would disapear id send an angry letter to the support and the achi is account bound so resetting a char doesnt take em away

  56. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    Master-Crafted Chainsword
    Inscribed Combat Shield

    Armor of Resilience

    Litanies of Zeal
    Feel No Pain
    Rite of Fortitude

    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    I picked up my Space Marine Captain not too long ago and, through some testing, formulated this surprisingly effective build. While the idea behind this build was to milk as much out of the Dreadnought as possible, it helps team-wide survivability as well. Every swing from your chainsword heals you and everyone around you, and I’ve been able to keep my Dreadnought up through some pretty intense situations. Feel No Pain is just a backup for when your allies (or your Dreadnought) start getting uncomfortably low; if you feel you don’t need it, Jump Pack is a good replacement. While Armor of Resilience isn’t exactly the best for damage mitigation, I’ve come to prefer it over others for one simple reason: your swings are what keep you and your allies alive, and you can’t swing when you’re laying on the ground.

    @robobooger: Yes.

  57. robobooger says:

    When you upgrade to elite status do you keep your lightning claw and DLC wargear????????

  58. Deuzerre says:

    I’ve had the lightning law in a stupid manner: First wave, both my teammates crashed. I did 357 kills on my own (wave 11) before commiting suicide (in the middle of 4 nobs bashing me).

    My build is like this:

    Lightning claw
    Combat shield

    Armor of vengeance

    Rite of fortitide
    Litanies of zeal
    Jump pack

    Larraman’s blessing

    Litanies of zeal combined with the Claws’ high attack rate make this already tough (67% damage resistance and HP bag) character almost unkillable.

  59. Jamin P. Rose says:

    Does any one know a good combo to get from level 3 to level 10 easily?

  60. Greg says:


    I believe you need have purchased and be running Retribution to get the unlockables.

  61. mike says:

    i have over 2700 kills with my captain but i didn’t get the thunder hammer. I haven’t gotten the 350 yet but im worried that when i do it wont give it to me for some reason. Does anyone know any reason why i didnt get the thunder hammer?

  62. Pyro says:

    More weapon info:

    “Lightning Claw”
    Grants trait: Lightning Damage (Strikes from the Lightning Claw cause electrical damage over time)

    “Thunder Hammer”
    Grants trait: Vehicle Stun (Strikes from the Thunder Hammer stun vehicles)
    Grants trait: Knockback (Attacks from the Thunder Hammer cause knock back)

    Barry – yup, I totally agree. Relic Armour+Claw+Shield is very useful on the trash mobs, but sometimes the damage can pile up a bit too quickly, hence the Vengeance armour. I swap between Dreadnought and Larraman’s Blessing (mostly stick to Blessing) at times.

    Fought the doppleganger version of myself and it’s pretty straight forward – just use knockback or jetpack onto him (especially if he tries to res another doppleganger!). If he starts to jetpack to you, jetpack away (or you’ll be knocked back and he can get some free DoT hits on you – not good!).

  63. Barry says:

    Greg + Pyro
    The Sacred Relic armor meshes rather well with the shield and claw. You will finish off groups of enemies very quickly and with absolutely no difficulty. The advantage of the heavier armor is good, no question about it but the power of the relic armor is enough that taking hits shouldn’t cause too many problems.

    If you are playing on Anvil, I find replacing the Jump Pack with health regen is much more effective. The map is considerably smaller than Colliseum so you don’t need the extra mobility as much. Having a teammate help with Knockdown enemies like Catachans is useful though, a Sorc with LTGB helps enormously.

  64. Greg says:

    Pyro, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your comments regarding the Sacred Relic Armor.

    The armor rating of the new Sacred Relic Armor is just to low; compared to the Armor of Vengeance which has a 208 armor rating and knockback (which is essential when you are getting swarmed).

    By far the best build for melee is the you listed with one difference, I use Larraman’s Blessing which gives a health boost.

    Weapon: Lightening Claw
    Armor: Armor of Vengeance
    Accessories:1-Jump Pack, 2-Zealous Leadership, 3-Parable of Stalwart Brothers
    Commander Item: Larraman’s Blessing

    With this build I completed Anivl of Khorne 7 or 8 times; note however that with this build your space marine captain will be very difficult to defeat in the colliseum levels 16 and 20.

  65. Pyro says:

    Kelvin, TheDocteur and John – Yes these are only obtainable in Retribution.

    Nastybutler – I used a similar build but found I still died because of the low armour when swarmed or hit by hard-hitting targets (Wraithlords etc). Here’s what I use:

    Inscribed Combat Shield (+25 armour, +25 health, reduces ranged damage by -25%)
    Lightning Claw (fast-hitting, good vs all targets and does damage over time)
    Armour of Vengeance (208 armour, does damage when you get hit in melee)
    Jump Pack
    Litanies of Zeal (you and nearby allies gain 5 health each time you hit)
    Rite of Fortitude (+75 health)
    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    All together you get a armour rating of 233 (67% damage mitigation), mobility, hard hitting, AoE heal and good vs everything. You have to keep hitting something to gain health back but make sure you don’t get swarmed and take too much damage. If you are with another Space Marine player with this setup, fight next to each other and you’ll constantly be healed. This setup will let you solo the “boss” fights in Anvil of Khorne, so long as you’re not overwhelmed.

    Not fought myself as a doppleganger yet but sounds tough! Just use knock-down against this doppleganger build and should be OK.

  66. nastybutler says:

    Anyone looking for a HIGH (caps really intended) damage build:

    Lightning Claw -> Good damage. Awesome DOT (I’m pretty sure it stacks, can anyone confirm?)
    Sacred Relic Armor -> AoE on attack / 15% meele damage
    Inscribed Combat Shield -> Survivability
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother -> Survivability
    Rite of Fortitude -> Survivability
    Larraman’s Blessing -> Survivability
    Jump Pack -> Mobility / Area Knockdown

    Plus, the captain looks so hardcore with this armor/shield/claw.

  67. john says:

    must be Retribution only because i have over 10,000 kills and well over 350 in one round…i have neither.

  68. TheDocteur says:

    Maybe these unlockables are only available to owners of DoWII Retribution.

  69. kelvin_88888888 says:

    i’ve gotten more than 350 kills in one level and have over 2,500 lifetime kills, but i havn’t unlocked either weapon, anyone know why?

  70. joesmoe says:

    actually, i found a really interesting build

    Mastercrafted chainsword/bolt pistol –> keep health and regen high

    Armor of Vengeance –> provide swarm damage for close combat

    Litanies of Hate –> explain this one after…very important
    Parable Stalwart Brother/Litanies of Zeal –> good for health/regen high
    Jump Pack/ Your Choice –> I do jump pack for mobility, but whatever

    Dread –> This is how you get kills like crazy

    So as far as Litanies of Hate(Taunt), what you do is simple, go to top or bottom build Collesium, or the Tanks in Anvil, you taunt shooting enemies that have no line of sight to you, what this does is causes them to run at you till the have an open shot, by this time your dread has probably murdered them, this is also great for ally with area of effect spells, draw the enemy to you then they do spell

  71. Leird says:

    Lightning Claw | Combat Shield
    Sacred Armor

    Jump pack
    Rite of Fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother

    Drop pod.

    Excellent setup for anvil.

  72. MK Babylon says:

    Power Claw Apothecary

    Lightning Claw | Combat Shield
    Armor of Vengeance

    Jump Pack
    Litanies of Zeal
    Feel no Pain

    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    First I didn’t want to post this built as George already posted something similar. There are still some essential differences between them.
    As well as George’s built, this one aims to make you a tank hero that easily takes one half of the map on AoK while your two allies only have to deal with the other half (at least until wave 13). The differences are that I changed the Parable of the Stalwart Brother to the Litanies of Zeal as I found out that the Lighting Claws has a pretty fast cooldown on hits and the Rite of Fortitude for the Feel no Pain item as I don’t see much sense in enhancing your endurance when you cannot restore your HP. The Feel no Pain item, however, also makes you capable of healing your allies and your Dreadnought, which is especially helpful as your Dreadnought will draw most of the enemy attention.
    Enjoy. ^^

  73. George says:

    Best Captain build I’ve come across is:
    Lightning claw, Combat Shield,
    Armour of Vengeance,
    Jump pack, Rite of Fortitude, Parable of the Stalwart Brother,
    Commander Item:
    Larraman’s Blessing.

    You can Tank like a beast and lightning claw and shield combo is best melee by Far!!!

    If your having problems achieving 350 kills for lightning Claws.
    Use Plasma gun with the hellfire grenades and a dreadnought on Anvil.
    Finding some People to help you achieve your kills will help aswell i ended up with 587 kills 😀
    Thunder Hammer seems bit pointless sadly its too weak for a 2 handed melee weapon if its gonna be that slow needs to do more damage!!!

  74. Greg says:

    s-z, In addition to what Morous said, you can also communicate with your teamates; tell them you are going for an achievment and they may let you kill the smaller enemies which often appear in groups of 8 or more.

    This is not difficult even if you are only lvl 11, if you use your plasma gun, granades and jump pack skillfully.

    I was in a game with a Mekboy who told us he was going for 350 kills achievement. We agreed to stand by (without sacraficing the game of course) and let him go for the kills. With our cooperation he got 365 kills by wave 18 in the Anvil of Khorne.

    I unlocked the SM Lightening Claw getting 485 kills in one game playing as the Captain using the plasma gun and granades; my teamates were a lvl 1 Lord General (who couldn’t kill too many which left more for me) and a lvl 12 Farseerer.

    I avoided engaging in melee in my 485 kill game which wasn’t easy since my instinct is to jump into the middle of the fray. It paid off, the claw is awesome and devastating when combined with the new dlc shield.

  75. Morous says:

    s-z best thing to do is wait until lvl 13 when you get the Artificer Armor(Armor rating: 162, +50 Health, +25 Energy) so that you have that extra energy for using the Hellfire Grenade (An area-of-effect attack with low-medium damage distributed evenly across the entire area. This damage ignores a significant amount of armor.) which you get by equiping Plasma Gun (Two-handed ranged weapon, 22.6 dps)
    that which you recently unlocked.
    Go to anvil and spam nades, on my first try got 440 kill, gl 😉

  76. s-z says:

    Has anyone found a good build for A Warrior Born achievement (350 kills in a match). Even with the new DLC items I’m having a hard time breaking over 200, and a harder time just staying alive during the later waves. Only level 11 right now so don’t have a lot of wargear options.

  77. Gravecat says:

    Personally, I found the shield to be fantastic. I tried a game in the Anvil of Khorne, with the following:

    Weapons: Master-Crafted Chainsword, Inscribed Combat Shield
    Armor: Sacred Relic Armor
    Accessories: Jump Pack, Litanies of Zeal, Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Commander Item: Larraman’s Blessing

    End result? Except at a much later stage when we got slaughtered by a Hive Tyrant and a bunch of others, it worked exceptionally well. I could go one-on-one with most of the larger units and heal more damage than they could deal me, and slaughter entire swarms of smaller units in no time flat (often for the sake of healing up damage taken elsewhere). Dreadnoughts were somewhat of a problem, as were any other units that did frequent knockdown (Fire Prisms, etc.) but for the most part, I thought it worked rather well. 🙂

    Edit: I should mention that the Crushing Blows trait from the Relic Armor helps this build immensely, as you can be beating on a big unit (and healing yourself and allies from it), while the damage is also spread to nearby smaller swarms. At a few times during the game, I’d killed 1-2 full squads from indirect damage alone while beating on a single heavy unit or vehicle.

  78. Damegus says:

    Ok, so I’ve yet to unlock the lightning claws,but I’ve seen here people are saying that the bolt pistol is preferable as a good loadout. I just have to ask, why not the shield? Just prefer the health regen to the armor health and ranged resistance bonus? (just wondering, havent tried it myself)

  79. Gravecat says:

    Updated the list with the new paid DLC wargear.

  80. Greg says:

    We did it. About an hour ago I completed wave 20 “Anvil of Khorne”, and boy was it exciting.

    I played as a level 20 space marine and this was my build,

    Weapon: Lightening Claw and Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol,
    Armor: Armor of Vengeance
    Accessories: 1-Jump Pack, 2-Litanies of Zeal, 3-Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Commander Item: Larraman’s Blessing.

    Each item in this build; the weapons, the armor, the accessories and commander item were each carefully selected for melee and health regeneration.

    The pistol offers 1.5 health regeneration.

    Armor of Vengeance, has an armor Rating of 208 and grants the trait of Reactive Strike, that is, the possibility that when the Captain is hit by a melee attack to damage and knockback the attacker).

    Accessories, the Litanies of Zeal grants the trait of Zealous Leadership, underwhich all of my melee attacks/strikes healed me and all nearby allies for 5 health). This was very very important and kept me at near full health for the entire game.

    An finally, I didn’t pick the dreadnought as my commander and opted instead for Larraman’s Blessing which grants the healing aura trait, that is, +2 Health Regeneration for all nearby allies.

    My team mates were a level 20 Sorcerer who used “let the galaxy burn” masterfully and a level 7 Farseer.

    I earned the “Hardcore” achieve for beating wave 20 in The Last Stand Anvil of Khorne map. I’m still smiling, this is truly a game of cooperation and skill. My teammates were randomly selected by the match maker.

  81. Gravecat says:

    Fixed the level 3/4 items and updated with the new achievement-unlockable gear.

  82. Greg says:

    I’ve only been playing Retribution’s TLS for about ten days and found the info. on this site very useful.

    Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the space marine’s commander items: Larraman’s Blessing vs. Dreadnought.

    I just unlocked the lightening claw and will be playing melee for the next few days and I’m thinking maybe Larraman’s would be best for melee. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  83. VTH says:

    the one-hand plasma pistol and Parable of the Stalwart Brother, needs to be swaped. you get the pistol at level 3 and the parable at level 4

  84. Kell says:

    The level three and four should be switched. You get them at opposite times like the plasma pistol first and the other one after, well that is my contribution.

  85. tomii says:

    I have found a reliable melee build for the space marine

    Weapons- Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol
    Lightning Claw

    Armor- Armor of Vengeance

    Items- 1. Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    2. Rite of Fortitude
    3. Jump Pack

    Commander Item- Larraman’s Blessing

    This build not only does lots of damage over time, but it has a high health regeneration and high mobility. I have taken down two Wraithlords at once with this build and only sustained minor wounds. I have also tested this build on both last stand maps and found it to be extremely effective. However, this build works better on Bloodied Colosseum because you have space to back off and regenerate when you need to.

  86. GoGoM30 says:

    New to this, how do you get lighting claws and thunder hammer?

  87. Barry says:

    Space Marines… Spehs Mehrens… I personally never cared for them but even a hater like me can see how balanced they are. They evenly learn techniques for ranged combat and powerful melee. They have a minion. They have artillery properties. They can instantly revive teammates (NEVER USE THIS ON THE BLOODIED COLLOSIUM, WAVE 16 WILL TAKE FOREVER WITHOUT PROPER COUNTERMEASURES), they have the most damaging super attack of all the original heroes and have epic healing. You can see why so many choose the Captain as their favourite. He is only improved by the addition of a Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer. One has speed and power to cripple hordes of enemies. The other brings final judgement down upon the enemy with power to crush enemy armor. The Power Axe and Plasma Gun are most common sights though people who have the Lightning Claw should use it instead of the Axe. The Plasma Cannon is great support fire and compliments a Lord General’s Tarantula Heavy Bolter perfectly. The Dreadnaught gives so many kills it’s unreal. He really is worthy of being called Supersoldier because the Space Marine is a force to be reckoned with. Because of his balanced nature and capability in all forms of combat, i’m not going to suggest any particular styles. Go ahead and experiment. You won’t be disappointed.

  88. Jyanon says:

    Thanks for this List Gravecat

    It was a really great help for me and my friends.

    Keep up such good work ^.^

  89. Hellfire5346 says:

    I’m new here but got experience in last stand.
    i want to share winth all of you, guys, the best build for a space marine.
    Level 20:
    Lighning Claws (not much initial damage, but the electric field that creates is accumulative, so 5-6 consecutive hits and you can bring down even the wraight lord; notice that this wapon strikes at a very high velocity)
    Depending on your Commander item (if it si orbital strike or a Dreadnough) the best armors are the Artificier Armour and the Armor of Vengeance. i personnaly reccomend the first one.
    The jump pack, the rites of fortitude and Parable of the Stalwart Brother for your items; and as I said, you can equip Dreadnought or the orbital strike depending on the equipment of your allies.
    The bolter pistol for sidegun.
    This built makes an almost unnestopable super-soldier, grants mobilite, and you can almost ignore the bullets of the minor foes.
    Imagine a caracter with 225 HP, 5.0 of HP regen, mobile and VERY deadly; all of this plus yout personal Dreadnought or the Orbital Strike. That makes the most rliable soldier of Last Stand.

  90. Monk says:

    I don’t know if it has been noticed before, but “Litanies of Zeal/Zealous Leadership” also heals the hero himself for 5 health, not just nearby allies.

  91. Gravecat says:

    Mucho thanks for the info and comments, Ultra! 🙂 I’ve got a preliminary list up and running now with the info you’ve provided — http://gravec.at/articles/last-stand-wargear-general/ — and will get it all updated with appropriate icons and such when I finally get to play.

    If you have any more updates in the meantime, let me know on the new Lord General page and I’ll get the list updated when I can. Thanks again for the assist, it’s much appreciated. 😀

  92. ultrasloth7 says:

    Refractor Field: lvl 2, accessories
    Grants ability: Refractor field (employs a large energy field around the lord general that protects nearby allied units, reducing the ranged dmg they take)

    Medallion crimson: lvl 3, accessories
    Grants Trait Combat Expert( 30% increase in ranged and melee dmg)

    Master-Crafted Carapace Armor: lvl 4, armor, armor rating 79
    Grants Ability: Tarantula Heavy Bolter Turret(a drop-ship airdrops a turret equipped with heavy bolters, effective at suppressing infantry)
    Grants Trait: Fearless(Unit is immune to suppression)

    Guardsmen: lvl 5, commander item
    Grants ability: call guardsmen(drop-ship air drops a squad of guardsmen)
    Grants minion trait: weapon specialist (can often equip the same ranged wep as the lord general)

    Protective Power sword: lvl 6, 2 handed melee, 10.0 dps
    Grants Ability: clear out(strike the ground, dealing dmg, and knocking back enemy units)
    Grants Trait:Armor piercing( attacks form sword ignore up to 100 armor value)
    Grants Trait:Melee Charge( charge into melee combat, knocking down your opponent)
    Grants Trait: +50 armor rating

    Repair: lvl 7, accessories
    Grants ability:Repair(Repair Target structure or vehicle)

    Artificer Carapace Armor: lvl 8, armor, armor rating 72
    Grants Ability:Tarantula Missile Turret(a drop-ship airdrops a turret equipped with missiles, effective at penetrating heavily armored units, cna knock down smaller units)

    Sergeant: lvl 9, accessories
    Adds Sergeant to Imperial guard minion squads
    Grants Minion Trait: Battle-hardened(??? idk yet)

    Level 10 you get a squad of catachan jungle fighters, they seem to all be equipped with machetes and shotguns and do knockback, past that I dont know too much

    On level 11 I’m pretty sure u get something that is esentially a plasma cannon in turret form. But i’m not 100% sure.

    Pasts that i can’t help much till i lvl, but i hope what i managed to post duz.

  93. ultrasloth7 says:

    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor: starting equipment, armor, 125 armor rating
    Grants Trait: +0.2 energy regen

    Honorifica Imperialus: starting equipment, accesories
    Grants trait: +25 armor rating
    Grants trait: +2.0 health regen

    Thats a wrap for the starting equipment, I’m going to keep posting (I’m currently lvl 9, but i know what wargear u get at 10 and 11)

  94. ultrasloth7 says:

    I hope to help, so I’m gonna try and list all the wargear i have so far as accurately as possible.

    Note:even tho all of his weps r 2 handed, the model will always be seen holding the 2 handed wep in his left-hand, and his trademarked sword in his right

    Bolter: starting equipment-2 hand ranged wep, 9.0 dps,
    grants trait: zealous (25% dmg done goes to health),
    grants trait:wargear package (weapon specialists[summoned guard squads] are able to equip this)

    Flamer: starting equipment-2 handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps, Grants trait: Ignore cover/aoe (same as the burna for the mekboy), Grants trait: wargear package (guard squads can equip this)

    Sniper: starting equipment-2 handed ranged wep, 12.0 dps,
    Grants trait: +1.0 energy regen
    Grants ability: High-powered shot (high-powered anti-infantry round with very long range and knock back)

    Inspiring Power Sword: starting equipment- 2 handed melee wep, 19.0 dps,
    Grants trait:Inspiring(strikes form power sword improves the dmg and speed of nearby allies)
    Grants trait: Armor piercing( attacks form sword ignore up to 100 armor value)
    Grants Trait: Melee Charge( charge into melee combat, knocking down your opponent)

    That’s just the weapons for starting, I’m going to post the armor and accessories next.

    (Note: just having to type this much makes me appreciate what you did on this thread that much more, I can’t tell you how grateful i am for you doing this for all the other heroes)

  95. Gravecat says:

    Retribution isn’t out over here until the 4th. 🙁 But I do plan on getting it, so yeah, I’ll have a section for the Lord General up when I get my grubby mitts on the game. 🙂

  96. ultrasloth7 says:

    btw grave, are you planning on adding the lord general last stand character now that retribution is out?

  97. XxandoxX2552 says:

    thanks for the help i found out that the higher the wavs the more u get i usually only got toround 10 and got 1450 exp but now i get to 16 no problems

  98. Gravecat says:

    Nope, that’s pretty much the only way of levelling. The alternative, I suppose, is to blackmail a friend into levelling your Space Marine for you.

  99. XxandoxX2552 says:

    any help

  100. XxandoxX2552 says:

    can you advice something to lvl up quicker other than nonstop playning im lvl 12 captain but im just bored

  101. XxandoxX2552 says:

    thanks helped heaps

  102. Khangus says:


  103. Gravecat says:

    Thanks, Plasma! I’ll update the lists with the new info later. 🙂

  104. PLAsmamAn says:

    the level 19 war gear is called “feel no pain”

  105. PLAsmamAn says:

    Plasma cannon stats
    10.5 DPS
    grants trait knockdown
    grants trait heavy
    graints trait area of effect
    (can not use jump pack with this weapon)

  106. paleshell says:

    gah I hate doing this but I want to respond to ebersol too, YES Armor of Vengance is good, the knockback does enough damage to kill small units and it can keep stronger foes, like your dopple, from killing you while you kill the copies of your allies. Try using it with a close combat weapon and you should notice the knockback more. if you want a better effect for keeping enemies away, use Terror of Xenos or switch to an Orc, since they have teleport, bouncy shield, and various bombs for that purpose.

  107. paleshell says:

    Well Flip, in regards to Armor of Resilience being the best, you shouldn’t have trouble effectively using abilities even without immunity to knockback. Also Knockback is an effective way to kill the lvl 16 and 20 dopples, that option is gone if you have that immunity. And most importantly, it gives the least armor. Being on your feet and dead is not as good as being on your butt and alive. Not that armor of resilience is bad, just that there are good reasons to use the other armor. That’s the simple answer anyhow.

  108. Flip says:

    Personally I dont see why you’d ever use anything but the Armor of Resilience, the other stuff can be fun for goofing or trying new things out. But at the end of the day immunity to knockback is just head and shoulders above the other armors on offer.

  109. Ebersol says:

    I’m using the armour of vengeance at the moment but haven’t noticed the reactive strike at all. Is it a very effective property?

  110. homsikpanda says:

    i have a farseer 😀 it’s a glass cannon >.> all i do is teleport around the map and eldric storm everything XD

  111. onevia6981 says:

    yeah try finding someone that has a farseer they’ve bothered to level up… ok… so i’ll level mine up…

  112. wiz0floyd says:

    Plasma Cannon is very good if you have a farseer with Group Teleport, as this solves the mobility problem. I recommend an orc for the third party member with Booby Traps and Dakka Defgun to slow enemies down making them an easier target for the plasma cannon.

  113. Silent says:

    The Plasma cannon’s got a setup time, area of effect and knockdown, when I had it equiped it said “Ranged Damage: 60”, so it’s a pretty good gun, but you gotta set up somehwere good or else you’ll just be forced to move around all the time and the enemies will be dead before you can shoot.

  114. Aston says:

    Anyone have the plasma cannon stats?

  115. Silene says:

    Awesome list! Hugely helpful, thank you very much!

  116. Gravecat says:

    Fwee, thanks for the info. 🙂

  117. YoYoDominoYo says:

    Armor of Foritude

    Armor Rating 144
    Health Regen per sec 2.5

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