Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Ork Mekboy)
Last updated by Gravecat on October 24th, 2011.

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Because I couldn’t find a complete, accurate list of all the wargear and when it unlocks in Dawn of War II’s Last Stand mode, I’m creating my own in the hopes that it’ll prove useful to others someday. 🙂 If you find these lists useful or have any corrections to make, just drop me a comment at the bottom of the page. Feedback is always appreciated! I have personally verified everything up to level 16, other details are courtesy of friends and commenters. Thanks to Gogglebottle, Gargoyle, ultrasloth7, and Hany for helping to complete the list. 🙂


Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 1.1 dps.

Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 8.2 dps.

Orky Armor
Default armor. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 22.

Teleporta Pack
Starting equipment

Armor Rating: 22. Grants Ability: Teleporta (7: Teleport to the chosen location.)

Big Shoota
Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 44.0 dps.

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps. Grants Traits: Area of Effect (The Burna deals damage in a large radius), Ignore Cover (Enemies targeted with the Burna gain no advantage from being in cover.)

Booby Traps
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: Booby Traps (25: Scatter booby traps in an area. Enemies who trigger these traps suffer significantly reduced movement speed and accuracy.)

Battery Pack
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: ‘Ave A Taste (30: Give Energy to a friendly unit and restore their Health.)

Unlocks at level 2

Accessory. Grants Ability: Mega-Rumblah (35: Knock down enemy infantry in a large radius around the Mekboy for the duration of the ability.)

‘Eavy Armor
Unlocks at level 3

Armor Rating: 180, +75 Health.

Speshul Tools
Unlocks at level 4

Accessory. +25 Energy.

Trophy Rack
Unlocks at level 5

Commander Item. Grants Trait: Fearsome Aura (Reduces nearby enemy damage by 35%. Additional Fearsome Auras reduce the damage by an additional 15%.)

Big Choppa
Unlocks at level 6

One-handed melee weapon, 16.0 dps. +2.0 Health Regeneration. Grants Trait: Invigorating (Regain 5 Energy when killing an enemy with a melee strike.)

Cybork Parts
Unlocks at level 7

Accessory. +66 Armor Rating.

Sturdy Bitz
Unlocks at level 8

Accessory. Grants Trait: Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Mad Teleporta Pack
Unlocks at level 9

Armor Rating: 86. Grants Traits: Reactive Escape (15% chance, when the Mekboy is hit by a melee attack, to teleport the Mekboy to a random location. If teleported, the Mekboy is briefly phased out, greatly reducing the enemy’s chance to hit him), Reactive Teleport (50% chance, when the Mekboy is hit by a melee attack, to teleport the attacker to a random nearby location.)

Unlocks at level 10

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Roks (50: Order a massive Rok strike on a targeted position.)

Boom Time!
Unlocks at level 11

Accessory. Grants Trait: Boom Time! (Powerful explosives detonate when the Mekboy is incapacitated.)

Rokkit Launcha
Unlocks at level 12

Two-handed ranged weapon, 4.6 dps. Grants Traits: Knockdown (Passive Rokkit Launcha fire knocks down smaller units), Salvo (The Rokkit Launcha fires 3 missiles at once), Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Rokkit Launcha ignore up to 140 Armor Value.)

Dok’s Tools
Unlocks at level 13

Accessory. Grants Trait: Reactive Zeal (Chance when hit to heal self and all nearby allies for 10 health.)

Electric Armor
Unlocks at level 14

Armor Rating: 32. Grants Trait: Damage Aura (Causes damage to all nearby enemies.)

Bouncy Shield
Unlocks at level 15

Accessory. Grants Ability: Bouncy Shield (20: Activate a force field that knocks away any enemy infantry who get close to the Mekboy.)

Dakka Deffgun
Unlocks at level 16

Two-handed ranged weapon, 24.7 dps. Grants Traits: Suppressive (The Dakka Deffgun suppresses enemy units under fire, slowing their movement and attack speed), Heavy (The Dakka Deffgun requires a short setup period before firing and, once setup, a teardown period before moving again.)

Proximity Mines
Unlocks at level 17

Accessory. Mines can be scattered in a target area. When triggered by an enemy they cause knockdown damage in a large radius.

‘Uge Bombz
Unlocks at level 18

Accessory. Placed on the ground these explosives can be triggered for a ‘Uge Kaboom.

Kustom Force Field
Unlocks at level 19

Armor Rating: 44. (Can make the Mekboy invulnerable. for a while.)

Boss Poll
Unlocks at level 20

Commander Item. Increases the Mekboy’s health and grants suppression immunity to him and all surrounding allies.

Zaap Knife
Unlocked by achievement “The sharpest wrench” (Achieve 350 kills in a single match as the Ork Mekboy)

One-handed melee weapon, 45.0 dps. Grants Traits: Protective Teleport, Proactive Escape, +2.0 Health Regeneration.

Leaky Armor
Unlocked by achievement “Can’t touch dis” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Ork Mekboy)

Armor Rating: 145. Grants Traits: Leaky Armor (25% chance when hit to release 2 explosive mines).

Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

One-handed ranged weapon, 5.2 dps. Grants Traits: Knockdown (Passive Rokkit Launcha fire knocks down smaller units), Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Rokkit Launcha ignore up to 140 armor value.)

Juiced Up Tellyporta
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Accessory. Grants Trait: Ported!! (Whenever an enemy or the Mek is teleported they explode dealing area of effect damage and knockback.)

83 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Ork Mekboy)”

  1. Insanebonobo says:

    One of the best builds I ever played is the following (it is dependent on dlc wargear though):

    Zapp Knife
    Pokkit Rokkit

    Tellyporta armour

    Mad tellyporta pack
    Sturdy bitz
    Cybork parts

    Trophy Rack or boss pole.

    Essentially what dis build does is allow you to absolutely spam with teleports which explode (because of the mad tellyporta pack). Combined with the zapp knife’s massive damage and its ability to randomly teleport guys (which then also explode) is gold. Note also that because of sturdy bitz, you wont be knocked back by your own explosions. Trophy rack really helps to reduce damage taken by yourself. Bosspole can be handy to boost your allies. In the end, though, its all about sturdy bitz, mad teleporter, and the teleport ability.
    If you do not have the zapp knife, I recommend either taking a normal choppa or a rokkit launcha.

  2. Chibi Assassin says:

    I’ve been throwing together something like a guide over here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=269348257

  3. -SoL- Justice says:

    Seeing as all I see in comments is Juiced Up Tellyporta builds let me show you some builds that work without DLC and are ranged.

    Big Shoota

    ‘Eavy Armor

    Bouncy Shield
    Sturdy Bitz
    Cybork Parts or Dok’s Tools

    Roks or Trophy Rack

    Just use the Bouncy Shield to keep melee enemies off of you and fire away. Rocks is good for group kills or Trophy Rack is good for survive ability.

    Dakka Deffgun

    Teleporta Pack

    Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz
    Proximity Mines

    Trophy Rack or Boss Poll

    Just setup and teleport don’t move and you won’t unsetup. Throw proximity mines on suppressed enemies and its that simple.

  4. Frazer says:

    This is a beast as build:
    Zzap Knife: So you can kill enemies quickly while also ensuring that you aren’t completely surrounded as it will teleport a lot of enemies away.
    Leaky Armor: So that enemies that are brave enough to attack you up close, receive a nasty surprise or two.
    ‘Uge Bombz: So that you can lay lots of big bombs around the map so that even in death you can support your team.
    Proximity Mines: So that you can lay lots of smaller bombs around the map, and when enemies are engaging you, drop them at your feet quickly and watch them say’boom’.
    Bouncy Shield: So that the enemy can’t attack you up close while you are laying your bigger bombs.
    Boss Pole: So you can keep yourself and your allies in the fight for longer, it also means you can run up to shuriken turrets and kill them up close without taking forever.

  5. yelloTeeth says:

    Just got the 350kill unlock of Zzap knife, been struggling a while. Got the unlock on wave 18 on a good/lucky run, Level 20 Mekboy though :/ (took me long enough)

    Big Chopa
    ‘Eavy armor

    Sturdy Bitz
    Cybork Parts
    Dok’s tools


    Big Chopa will regen your Energy pretty fast as you kill, so don’t hold back on using Roks, well don’t drop it on allies, they might get impatient a bit.

    ‘Eavy armor plus Cybork parts gives 70% damage mitigation, this is important because you can drop Roks on yourself when ‘eavily :p surrounded by mobs, so, attract a bunch, drop Roks, and drop it early, don’t wait until you are low on health or when your allies jump into the fray. Also, on later waves keep an eye out for clusters of range mobs in range of your Roks as you melee, that really helps with the numbers, and it actually helps everyone survive the wave.

  6. Dsarker says:

    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
    Zzap Knife

    Mad Teleporta Pack

    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Sturdy Bitz
    Cybork Parts

    Boss Poll/Trophy Rack.

    Jus’ let da mekboy do wot ‘e doez best.

  7. tacoss says:

    a good build is

    rokit pokit launcha
    zaap knife(damage and more space)
    big choppa ( for energy regen)

    juiced up tellyporta
    cybork parts( extra armour)

    boss poll trophy rack

    i put optional because it all depends on what you want to put but sturdy bitz is a good choice so is the docs tool or bouncy cubble as your ‘oh crap button’

  8. Aylin says:


    I’ve tried that build before with the Zaap Knife. The teleports from the knife are a real pain though. I found using the Big Choppa to be a better alternative. Also kills from protective and proactive teleport don’t credit you for them.

  9. BigBomma says:

    The best build i have discovered:
    i think a lot of people already know this but a friend asked me to post it
    Zaap Knife + Pockit Rockit launcher

    Telerporta pack (must have for teleportation)

    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Sturdy Bitz + Cyborg parts

    now you just jump into large groups of people and hav´em EXPLODE!
    Only problems: proactive escape/ prtotecive teleport migh telly you next to an ally, dealing your friend a heap ´o damage (plus watch your energy so you dont run out)
    this build is also pretty decent for melee because of the Zaap knife you will be teleporting yourself and enemies around without using the ability

  10. Gian-Luca says:

    btw the boss pole and trophy rack should be swapped aorund
    i got poss pole on lv 5 and i havent got the trophy rcak cause i lv 13 so if u wnna switch it then do.

  11. MushrooMars says:

    For those of you who haven’t discovered it already…

    Big Choppa

    ‘Eavy Armor/Leaky Armor (survivability vs passive, hilarious extra damage)

    Proximity Mines (not booby traps)
    Cybork parts/Speshul tools (more survivability vs. More spammability)
    Sturdy bitz

    Trophy rack/Boss pole (your choice)

    I call this one the shotty-mine build. Essentially, you simply chuck mines at your enemies’ faces and run off to stab something to replenish your energy. 4 well placed mine clusters will kill anything smaller than a Choppa Nob, and all the mines clustered together will usually kill a single nob. Past that, you may have some trouble with excessively-armored enemies such as tyrant guards, but two or three throws should kill it (and maybe some stabbying).

    This build annihilates waves like wave 9 on bloodied, just throw mines at your feet as enemies are closing in and watch your troubles disappear. Also, unlike the Roks Spam build, you don’t need to worry about asploding yourself accidentally (mines do no damage to you, but they do knockback). You will also be able to solo larger enemies such as some tanks and deff dreads, but avoid dreadnaughts and the like (I have yet to kill a dreadnaught with this build).

    I snagged the Zzap knife with this build, on anvil with some friends of mine. So long as you reach waves 18/19, you can get 350 kills easily every time you play (your team doesn’t have to babysit you, BTW.) On the subject of teleport items, do NOT use mad tellyporta or zzap knife with this build. You get around 99% less kills.

  12. The Horgle says:

    For the Zzap Knife, I pretty much just used Teleporta Pack, Juiced-Up Tellyporta and Sturdy Bitz to dissolve any squad member up through wave 13 or so. It might take a few tries, but if your team mates are willing, you could ask they save the big chunks of squads in the first 5 or 6 waves for you.

  13. JulesRules says:

    guys any tips to unlock Zzap Knife?

  14. The Horgle says:

    As far as tellyporta exploshions go, you pretty much just need this:

    Zzap Knife

    Teleporta Pack/Mad Teleporta Pack

    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Sturdy Bitz

    Sturdy Bitz are not required, but it REALLY sucks when you get knocked down every time you or something near you teleports. I generally spec in Cybork parts for the extra armor. Roks is also nice for later waves because the teleporta is your only energy-user.

  15. jeff says:

    also…reactive armor is fun

  16. jeff says:

    @steve…its fun 🙂

  17. steve says:

    I can just imagne mad tellyporta pack plus zzap knife plus juiced up tellyporta. XD

  18. Hyfigh says:

    The Boss Poll adds 100 HP to all allies, if it’s relavent to your list.

  19. MekBoss says:

    Oi you gitz, any build dat makes dis boy ‘ave lots o dakka or tellyporta exploshions?

  20. larry says:

    ok now i got it but it wont import

  21. larry says:

    Hey guys sorry i am having so many problems but i baught retribution because i herd last stand had a new map and it was the only way i could get the pocket rocket launcher all i had was dawn of war 2 and chaos rising well now im trying to play last stand on retribution and my meckboy is level one can anyone tell me how to bring my elite level twelve ork to retribution please make it very spacific

  22. larry says:

    thank you i will try it

  23. Gravecat says:

    larry: Search on Steam for Dawn of War, all the DLC packs should show up there.

  24. larry says:

    Can someone tell me how to get the DLC pack for my ork

  25. Mek Spanna'Gutz!! says:

    Here’s my favourite build:-

    Zzap Knife
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcher

    Teleporta Pack

    Cybork Parts
    Boom Time!
    Juiced Up Tellyporta

    Trophy Rack

    Tellyporta and Zzap Knife with Juiced Up Tellyporta meens you will rake in the kills and can go toe to toe with elite units and bosses. Pokkit Rokkit Launcher is great for knocking back elite units while your tellyporta recharges. Cybork Parts and Trophy Rack are awesome for keeping you alive and I find that if you do die you’ll often be swamped by loads of units and elites so Boom Time!! will clear these out for your teammates to revive you.

    Hope this helps.

  26. Kaiser99 says:

    Or if you don’t have DLC’s
    I’ve found that this build really helps:
    Choppa & Slugga

    Teleporta Pak

    Sturdy Bitz, Cybork Parts & Boom Time!

    Comander item:
    Trophy Rack

    Oh and these help with getting the Zzap knife.

  27. Kaiser99 says:

    I’ve found that this build really helps:
    Choppa & Pokkit Rokkit Launcha (DLC)

    Teleporta Pak

    Sturdy Bitz, Juiced Up Tellyporta (DLC) & Boom Time!

    Comander item:
    Trophy Rack

  28. Violence says:

    Zaap Knife
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha

    Teleporta Pack

    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Speshul Tools or Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz

    Roks or Trophy Rack

    With this build, your friends will call you God.

  29. Lord Griffin says:

    Try using:
    Big Choppa(For energy regen)
    Pokit rokkit
    Teleporta Pack
    Juiced up Tellyporta
    Cybork parts
    Sturdy bitz
    Trophy rack

    Basically a build built around your tellyporta turning your orc into a very mobile bomb. Sturdy bitz are vital so u dont get knocked over by your own explosion. You basically just teleport around the field(into enemy groups). Its also easy to learn as u only use 1 button lol. The skill is in learning when and where to teleport, but as a general rule dont teleport where there arent enemies.

  30. Arcane Azmadi says:

    Mekbomb build rules all.

    Big Choppa (Zaap Knife once you get it)
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha (DLC)

    Teleporta Pack

    Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz
    Juiced Up Tellyporta (DLC)

    Boss Pole

    Just spam the hell out of the Teleporta, causing massive AoE damage with every jump. Sturdy Bitz make you immune to the knockdown, Cybork Parts overcome the paper-thin armour problem and a Choppa gives you regen. Pokkit Rokkits leet you knock down a wave at range just before you jump into it. Jump into a wave, then jump again on the spot and watch everything die. No need for anything else.

  31. Aylin says:


    Hel O Keety was telling Keeane how to get the 350 kills in order to get the Zaap Knife.

    As for the max health thing, I’m not sure since I’ve only used the Boss Pole with the Ported! accessory, but I know on the Anvil I’ve been able to kill IG tanks in 2-3 ports.

  32. Barrogh says:

    Hel O Keety actually shows pretty decent build, though I usually use Zzap Knife instead of big choppa. It’s possible to make amazing combo-blasts capable of vaporizing large enemies sometimes.

    Oh and I really, really recommend to choose Bitz over Tools.

    With this build you can drag any team to 20th wave on Coliseum, assuming that your allies can do something (just pay attention on your HP!). Other than that, hero-killing potential is pretty good too.

    Also I have a feeling that J-tellyporta’s blast damage is based on max HP of the object ported (or should I say “Ported!”?). If this is true, Boss Pole will do the job even agains tanks or something like that.

  33. Hel O Keety says:

    Big Choppa
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha

    Teleporta Pack

    Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz or Speshul Tools
    Juiced Up Tellyporta

    Trophy Rack

    Go to Anvil of Khorne and bring two SpaceMarines with shield/lightning claws/jumppack/no dreadnaught…lots of armor and healing items. Have them stand in the middle and try to avoid combat as much as possible) you dont want them stealing the kills from you.

    Keep jumping into big groups of (easy to kill) enemies, avoid bosses if possible…have the SMs deal with those. You should have 350+ kills by wave 8 or 9

  34. Fairlybad says:

    Well, I can suggest two ways to do this:
    1) Big Choppa/Default, ‘Evy Armor, Sturdy Bits, Cybork Parts, Doc’s Tools (Megah Rumblah if you don’t have the Tools) and Roks (Trophy Rack and Rumblah are also funny but less effective for kill counts). It’s not that high level to do this and generally you can toe to toe masses of trash for energy to drop more Roks on other things. I like to open with Roks one one gate and then laugh gleefully as I run at the next gate. You can ALSO use Roks to cover yourself by dropping them in a mass and then run in to gut heavies/stragglers.
    2) SORTA exploit: Get two friends in the game. Have them get big guy busters and you just get stuff to wipe out trash. Rack up the kills. :p You could also just hope that one person drops. Had that happen once for me. The Farseer and I held out until wave 15 on the original with the build I listed above. Had a ton of kills a the end as it was split two ways. 🙂

  35. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Rodders It doesn’t count kills you had before the achievement was added.

  36. RODDERS says:

    I have on my mekboy around 2,600 ish total kills, how does the leaky armour come about?

  37. mahesa says:

    just use the DLC and get some advice from PCGAMER

  38. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    @Keeane I got 350 by the end of Wave 17 on Colosseum using a Rok Tank build before the DLC was even announced. It’s definitely doable without the DLC. It might take a few tries to get it right (and it also depends on your team; that Captain going for the same achievement will definitely be a cock block), but you don’t need to spend money to get it.

  39. Keeane says:

    I dont have the dlc, and roks combo with eavy armor aint working. Closest I got to is 270 kills wave 15. 🙁

    I have, to get the dlc to get to 350?

  40. FunnehRabbitMan says:

    Figured I’d post some more builds while I was here:

    Big Choppa
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha/Default

    *Leaky Armor/’Eavy Armor

    Sturdy Bitz
    **Cybork Parts/Dok’s Tools
    Proximity Mines

    Boss Poll

    A fun and pretty effective build focused on spamming proximity mines. Proximity mines do pretty good damage and cause heavy amounts of disruption. On top of that, their spread is determined on how far you are from where you target (kind of a shotgun effect). Because of this, when engaging and holding targets in close range, throwing a cluster of mines at their feet will act as a kind of makeshift grenade that’s not necessarily wasted if the intended target moves out of range.

    You won’t be getting as many kills as you would be with a Juiced Up Tellyporta or Rok Tank build, but you will be able to take more than a few hits and your allies don’t have to worry about friendly fire.

    *If you want a bit more damage mitigation, take ‘Eavy Armor over Leaky Armor. Leaky Armor doesn’t give you the extra mitigation or health, but it does give free mines.

    **Cybork Parts/Dok’s Tools: Again, up to you. Cybork Parts give flat damage reduction, whereas Dok’s Tools increase your team’s chances of survival.

  41. John says:

    if you use rocs, a teleport chest e.g. teleporta pack ormad teleporta pack along with juiced up teleporta you will rake in the kills….

  42. Keeane says:

    Hmm, I’m having quite a trouble getting the 350kills achv. I’m at lvl 12 now. Any recommend tips/tricks/build/hints?


  43. house says:

    For zap knife, you need:
    Big Choppa | Pokkit Rokkit Launcher
    Juiced up Tellyporta | Sturdy Bitz | Cybork Parts
    Boss Pole/Trophy Rack

    I played this on anvil, got well over 400 kills first try with my friends not playing with me, very easy, dont stick around for melee, just teleport and go boom straight into the first block you see, should be teleporting every 5 seconds minimum.

  44. Wally says:

    Found another (albeit cheap) use for the Electric Armor; but requires quite a specific build:
    Characters: 2xFarseer, 1xMekBoy
    Farseers both need the conceal ability to work effectively. +confuse it also nice to have.
    Mekboy only really needs Electric Armor and the Battery Pack (but throw in some roks for good measure/so it doesnt become a snooze fest)

    Essentially one farseer casts conceal close to the enemies, and everyone stands in it, nobody shoots. The electric armor will do damage without revealing the mekboy, and will hence slowly kill the enemies. When the conceal is about to run out the 2nd farseer casts conceal in the same general area.

    Pretty boring. You just sit there. and stuff dies. you also wont get many points cos you wont be killing fast or capturing the points much. But it will get you far as long as you dont stand on-top of enemies…

    The farseers can use mass-confuse/storm and the mekboy can use roks every so often to speed up the waves a bit; the battery pack should make sure everyone has enough energy regardless as long as you plan the mass-attacks.

    For lvl 16/20 make sure the farseers also have confuse, to confuse the dopplegangers to kill themselves.

    like i said, boring, but essentially un-attackable.

  45. BlackAngel says:

    An awesome effective and fun build i found was:

    Big Choppa/Zzap Knife | Pokkit Rokkit Launcha

    Teleporta Pack

    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Sturdy Bitz
    Cyborg parts

    Trophy Rack

    you simply teleporta into some enemies, fight for a second go boom, and repeat.
    Big choppa gives energy while Zzap Knife gives more BOOM! but be cautious since Ported!! hits ally’s as well (damage and knockback), and since you can’t control Zzap Knife, it is a bad choice with fragile allies.
    Another good thing about the build is that clones don’t even use one tenth of this builds power.

    The build is a bit fragile although that is’t that big a problem since you teleport about all the time. Because Ported!! hits ally’s it’s not that good a team build. But a fine strategy is that you take care of all the snotlings while your ally’s take the big fish.

    Personally I got 554 kills in Coliseum (my ally’s go about 78 and 125).

  46. Beet says:

    My favourite setup:

    Zzap Knife
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
    Mad Teleporta Pack
    Boom Time
    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Sturdy Bitz

    Run into a group, everything teleports and explodes, throw down Roks for added insanity.

  47. Jamin P. Rose says:

    Heres a build I favor, s’plosive expert mek

    Zaap knife
    Pokkit rokkit launcha

    leaky armor

    Cyborg parts/ bouncy shield
    Proximity mines/ doc’s tools
    Boom time/ ‘uge bombz


    Basically you lay out the mines or bomb and wait. The leaky armor there to add some mines. Boom time incase you fall in battle that way you take the enemy with you. BE WARNED, standing near your allies and dying will harm them too.

  48. Wally says:

    My suggestion Munk would be to find generous allies who dont care about the kills so much; you dont need to do it on anvil (i didnt)

    When i got over 350 kills was when both my allies were fulfilling the ‘tank’ role (essentially just absorbing the damage and not killing much themselves). We would camp one of the entrances; with my 2 allies and I quickly killing the spawned units then my 2 allies sitting at the front of the gate while i sat behind with the shoota…. they would just take lots of hits and then when the enemies were clumped i would call Roks down and rake in the kills. It actually worked really well as a team strategy too.

    However now that my Tyranid ally has found the effectiveness of Toxic Miasma i barely ever get that many kills because we have a different strategy. So yeah, just ask your friends/allies to go with the strategy i mentioned above, and provided you get to a decent level, you should get over 350 kills if your allies arent trying to kill as many things as possible.

  49. Baron von HoopleDoople says:

    Two things are (practically) a must when it comes to earning the Zaap Knife: playing on anvil and having cooperative, competent allies.

    Basically you just need to survive until late in the game and have your allies leave the easy kills for you. As far as getting the kills you have a few options:

    1) Big Shoota. This lets you kill any enemies you encounter. Use with the teleporter so you can rapidly relocate to target the weaker ones. It won’t kill the weak ones particularly fast, and you’ll have to be careful not to die. This does make you pretty useful to the team, and increases the chance you survive till the late game.

    2) Flamer. Used with either the teleporter or heavy armor, the flamer lets you mow down weak enemies. You’ll have a very difficult time killing any other ones, however. If you are using the flamer you really need your allies to save all the weak enemies before you run out of them

    3) Roks. Roks can take down all but the most powerful enemies in a wide area, but can’t be used too often. While it can be used in conjunction with the Flamer or Big Shoota, if you really want to maximize your Rok usage bring the Big Choppa and Speshul Tools

  50. munk says:

    Does anyone know a good way to get the Zaap Knife?

  51. Wally says:

    Barrogh asked if anyone has found a use for the other armor:
    The general answer is that they arent very useful… But:
    I had a go at using a Electric Armor, Bouncy Shield, Cybork Parts, Mega-Rumblah, Roks (cant remember what weapon…probably the big shoota) I dont think we got past lvl12 although i put that down to the fact someone dropped out, so it was just me an a hive tyrant.

    Essentially it was good as spawn camping; i ran into one of the spawns in the first few waves and never left; i would just cast bouncy shield on myself and run around knocking things over while the armor did the damage; my tyranid buddy would poison his area to kill the majority of those units quickly; at which point he would meet up with me to take some damage while i recovered energy for roks to use on the remainder. When there was a few enemies left the hive tyrant would go back to another starting point, spawn his tyrant on the other side to open the gate and we would repeat.

    Still prefer my teleporta/roks/extra energy build… for jumping around and then roking a bunch of guys; it tends to be the most effective… or just the heavy damage taker role with all the armor/regen bits while my mates take the kills. but this was a fun detour from my usual i guess.

  52. Baron von HoopleDoople says:

    Epic Mek Build

    Zaap Knife
    Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
    ‘Eavy Armor
    Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz
    Juiced Up Tellyporta

    Masses of armor and no knockdown makes you a real tank. Zaap Knife teleports you and enemies around to activate explosions. Roks take down swarms with ease and you can survive if you call it on yourself. If you ever need to regen take cover and whip out your Pokkit Rokkits.

    One final note: this build makes your clone ridiculously tough. Make sure an ally has good anti-armor.

  53. MK Babylon says:

    @ Somefin

    It is NEVER good to sacrifice yourself. Regarding points, it screws your game.

  54. Somefin says:

    Heres a handy build
    Weapon: Rokkit Launcha
    Armor: Eavy Armor
    Uge Bomb
    Boom time
    Proximity mines
    Dat means you can blow up a whole lot of stuff
    This is more effective against masses of enemies also it would be good for you to sacrifice urself and do damage to alot of things!!!

  55. MK Babylon says:


    Big Choppa | Pokkit Rokkit Launcha
    Leaky Armor

    Cybork Parts
    Sturdy Bitz
    Proximity Mines

    Trophy Rack

    This built is for those who, like me, are tired of porting around as the Mekboy or being just a supporting sidekick.
    Your aim is to attack the weaker enemies in meelee so that your Big Choppa gains you lots of energy. This energy will give you the opportunity to cover the field with Proximity Mines while the Leaky Armor sprays those mines automatically on meelee hits. Your high defense (211) and the Trophy Rack will make you impassible to most attacks, but when it comes to Wraithlords, Killa Kans or Dreadnoughts, you should use the common trick of throwing Proximity Mines right at your feet so that those units will take 5 explosions at once and will most likely go down.
    It’s quite an orky strategy as it has to do with big bangs, chopping and knocking enemies down. So enjoy. ^^

  56. j0enn-master says:

    j + leftklick + bwahahahaha

    teleporta pack

    pokkit rokkit launcha
    zaap knife

    sturdy blitz
    cyborg parts
    juiced up tellyporta

    trophy rack (i’m lvl14 atm)

    just telly around the map right inte the enemies -> explode
    enemies which got tellied away from the zaap knife explode also
    just be carfull whit your mates, the exploshun hurts the also and knocks them back.
    pokkit rokkit launcha: like a heat seeking missile, you shoot on warp spiders, the warp away, the rokkit just change direction and follws them 😀

  57. Petroklos says:


    Teleporta Pack

    Sturdy Bitz/Bouncy Shield
    Juiced Up Tellyporta
    Cyborg Parts

    Boss Pole/Trophy Rack

    Tellyport>Explode>BurnBurnBurn. Repeat.
    With Bouncy Shield equiped, make sure to use it when you need it and not to spam it around, as you need your energy for ‘Porting.

    Can also be used with Big Shoota or Dakka Deffgun, but Burna’s Mask is teh epicness incarnate.

  58. Gravecat says:

    Updated again with the new gear from the paid DLC pack.

  59. Gravecat says:

    Updated with the new achievement-unlockable gear. Thanks for the info and pics, Hany!

  60. Callum says:

    The Dirty Wombat build

    Teleporta Pack
    Dakka Deffgun
    Sturdy Bitz
    Dok’s Tools
    Bouncy Shield or Proximity Mines
    Boss Poll or Trophy Rack

    this build is defensive if u go down the other players are most likey to die if they are not good enough, best prositions are at enemies spawns behide rocks to cover u will support your allies while they dish out the dmg. enjoy

  61. Callum says:

    The Pest Control build

    Teleporta Pack
    Big Shoota
    Cybork Parts
    Speshul Tools
    ‘Uge Bombz
    Boss Poll or Roks

    this build is for spawnkilling the enemies and aslo helping out with bosses when they are all together the uge bombz will seperate them giving you pressus time to kill them. I suggest laying bomb in spawn then the rest spread out on the battlefield, make sure if u are going to cover the hole map with bombs do it at the easyiest waves, place them where they most likely to gaver once defending a spawning prosition, use the bombs that are spread out for the harder waves don’t waste it on weaklings and enjoy.

  62. Callum says:

    The Trolling build

    Big Choppa
    Eavy Armor
    Cybork Parts
    Dok’s Tools
    Boss Poll

    mekboy is a walking talking bashing tank,you got to kite alot get big group of enemies and use mega-rumblah while the other players beat down on them with range and enjoy.

  63. Hany says:

    New Stuff with the last patch :

    Zaap knife : http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/7749/zaapknifeorkmekboy.png
    HowToGetIt : Kill 350 enemies during 1 game
    Comment : High Dps, the whole squad is teleported when you attack it (50% of chance). Currently bug (I think), the teleported unit gain the benefit of the phase out (very annoying when attacking a vehicle for example, if teleported, can’t be hit during 3 4 sec). Can be combined with mad teleporter armor, if you want to be always teleported anywhere (you make almost no damage, but you are very hard to kill since you are often phased out). Another drawbacks in that the teleported squad tends to change target, attacking an other ally.

    Leaky Armor : http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/7749/leakyarmororkmekboy.png
    HowToGetIt : Kill 2500 enemies
    Comment : 25% when hit to release 2 explosives mines around you. The mines are not released exactly on your position, you have to move a little in order that the attacking squad get actually hit by the mines. Very interesting when you are attacked by small melee units, you are literally leaking mines everywhere (I released perhaps 10 mines in 1 sec that way for example). Became pretty useless against powerful units, since the damage are not very high and the units can’t be knocked back. Good combination with the flamers, when a melee squad engage you, just run in circle spreading mines around you while attacking the other enemies.

  64. Barrogh says:

    Collins, basic advice is to get some people into your friendlist and play with them as a team more often. Deffgun-based builds are way too team-dependant.
    Btw I think that the best ally for such mek is mass TP farseer.

  65. Collins254 says:

    at the moment i tend to find im using this build, it works quite well but you need allies to do the damage for you, though i have got to wave 13 on my own with this once.

    Weapon: Dakka deff gun
    Armour: Teleporta pack
    Utilities: ‘Uge bomz, Sturdy bitz, Cybork parts
    Commander item: Trophy rack

    I basically spend the first 10 waves in south east corner laying down uge bomz and supressing enemies while my allies slam them into the floor, then the next few waves luring enemies into well placed traps, however i still cant get past wave 17, dam warriors are too fast AND immune to supression, and advice for wave 17 anyone?

  66. Spiv says:

    I find the 2 you mentions are the only useful ones. The others dont even seem situational just crap.

  67. Barrogh says:

    I wonder, what uses do you guys found for all Mek’s armours except ‘eavy (self-explanatory) and Teleporta (basic one)? Everything else is clear to me…

  68. Monk says:

    The effect the Boss Poll gives speaks of +100 health for nearby allies. Does anyone know if this is true and if it stacks? 3 Mekboys could get up to 475 health with that.

  69. Gravecat says:

    I’ve been meaning to fix that and kept forgetting to. All done! 🙂

  70. ultrasloth7 says:

    Btw Big choppa is lvl 6, cybork parts is lvl 7

  71. Anonymous says:

    Support Rokkit Launcha build:

    Armor: Teleporta Pack
    Weapon : Rokkit Launcha
    Accessories: Speshul Tools, Sturdy Bitz, Cybork Parts
    Commander: Roks

    Works best with: SM, HT, Narc Sorc

    How-to: Kite with Teleporta, drop Roks on choke points, and focus-fire troublesome enemies.
    Priorities are:
    1. Melee units engaging your allies – Banshees, Nobs, Warriors, etc.
    2. Artillery – Zoanthropes, Shuriken platforms, etc.
    3. Heavy walkers – Carnifex, Dreadnoughts, Wraithlords, etc.
    4. Cluster enemies – Gaunts, Boyz, Eldar, etc.

    Analysis: The Rokkit Launcha build is built around the weapon’s two best qualities – armor penetration and knockdown – as well as its core weakness, slow fire-rate and low damage. Since you won’t be killing things left and right unless you teleport right on top of weak enemies and fire straight into their mass (which hardly every happens) you’ll be relying on a tanky melee character to deal with most of the enemies while you keep the game’s heavy hitters off their asses.

    Survival: If your tank falls, or you get aggro, teleport the fuck out of there. The Launcha’s knockdown allows you to kite sufficiently by yourself, and aside from suppression, nothing slows you down in your mad flight to safety. If you’re the last one standing (this happens often), try to teleport so that your fallen ally is between you and the enemy, allowing you to fire at them (and knock them back, buying you more time) while you raise your ally.

    Conclusion: You are weak, but useful. Unfortunately, you’re also situational. If you see a bunch of ranged heroes, you won’t be using this build.

  72. ultrasloth7 says:

    well, i thought i’d throw a class out for you guys too

    Support Mek:
    Armor: Eavy
    Wep: Dakka Deffgun
    Accs: Cyborg partz,Sturdy bitz, Bouncy Shield
    Comm:trophy rack

    strategy: generally you should turtle in one of the exits, i prefer the north and east because it has some nearby cover. Also if you want he greatest chance at success, find a farseer who can teleport your team from exit to exit, and lay down eldritch storm on the enemies you suppress. Then all you need is someone to lay down serious dps, this is typically done by a narc sorcerer who can burn the masses of mobs with let the galaxy burn! This team is highly effective, but wave 16 can be tricky, it will require that your farseer use their abilities in a clever manner. Using this build I’ve gotten to wave 19 before my team lagged out and dropped

  73. Discontent says:

    Here’s a build for all of you to try out that I really enjoy.

    Ork Kiteboy:
    Weapon: Big Choppa
    Armor: ‘Eavy Armor
    Accessories: Proximity Mines, Cybork Parts, Sturdy Bitz
    Commander Item: Trophy Rack

    General Strategies:

    Kiting: To kite enemies, run around the edge of the arena in a circle pattern. This will cause the enemies to group up as they follow you. Use kiting when you are low on health. Try not to fight below half health. Your health regen can outmatch most ranged damage.

    Proximity Mines: Use Proximity mines at short range so they cluster in tight piles. Prox Mines don’t hurt you or allies, so you can throw them at your feet to do heavy damage at short/melee ranges.

    Specific Strategies:

    Eldar: Close with the heavy gun platforms and Proximity Mine them at short range for instant kills. The heavy guns are the only things that are a threat to you, because suppression prevents running away. Kite Wraith Lords and large groups to break them up, and Prox Mine the ones in front when your health is high. Kill heavy guns at every opportunity. When heavy guns are down, engage Wraith Lords and use prox mines at short range to kill them. Return to kiting when health is below half.

    Marines: Sit behind cover and chuck Prox Mines at long range against plasma gun squads. The armor pen on plasma guns is a serious threat, avoid engaging large groups of them and try to stay out of range when kiting. Handle Dreadnoughts just like Wraith Lords.

    Everything Else: Close in and drop mines at your feet when surrounded by large groups. Kite when below half health. Handles Carnifexes just like Wraith Lords.

    With this build I’ve been able to solo every wave up to 16. This build is great for teaming with low armor allies that tend to drop fast, because you are likely to still be alive and able to rez.

  74. BWAAAAH says:

    The Boomtime ability is useful exspecially on wave 9 with the banshee horde but on wave 16 KILL HIM LAST! we got messed up soo badly and don’t melee him the explosion will kill you instantly.

  75. Silence says:

    Dok’s Tools procs on range and melee. Makes the mekboy nearly invincible which is annoying for wave 16.

  76. Gargoyle says:

    Big Choppa is at level 6

  77. Gravecat says:

    I honestly couldn’t tell you, barely used it much myself and I’m also a teleporter. 🙂 Maybe someone else reading this can shed some light on the matter?

  78. TheWarCzar says:

    Looking for more detail on docs tools.. does that heal only proc on a melee hit? I am a porter and i don’t get melee hit much so I haven’t seen the damn thing heal anyone.

  79. Gravecat says:

    Awesome, thanks! 🙂

  80. Gogglebottle says:

    Uge Bombz is lvl 18, Kustom Force Field is lvl 19 and Boss Pole in lvl 20. confirmed. Bombs and Force Field may switch cant remember

  81. Gravecat says:

    Small world, huh? 😉

  82. Warped says:

    Well doesn’t that beat all? I stumble upon the best list for the last stand mode for DoW2 and it’s run by another furry XD

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